Zaporizhschja participates in the 2nd Bundesliga handball league

Zaporizhschja participates in the 2nd Bundesliga handball league

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DHC Motor Zaporizhia faces the most unusual season in the history of the Ukrainian handball club. But team manager Dmitriy Karpuschtschenko still has to deal with customs. The 45-year-old with a shaved head fears for three sets of Pakistan-made shirts. You will be held at Düsseldorf airport until all formalities have been cleared there.

Maybe they’ll show up in T-shirts or shirtless this Wednesday, Karpushchenko practices gallows humor. There is such a beautiful special edition in light blue and gold in the show. They wanted to show the whole world “that Ukrainian handball continues to exist”, as he says in fluent English.

A special rule

The chances of the message getting through are not slim. In the large arena in Düsseldorf-Rath, where ice hockey is usually played, five to six thousand spectators are expected to watch the Pixum Super Cup – the season opener of German professional handball, in which the defending champion (SC Magdeburg) takes on the cup winner (THW Kiel) meets.

Almost three hours earlier, however, the first game of the second handball league (HBL) takes place here: Karpuschtschenko’s team from HC Motor Zaporischschja takes on TSV Dormagen (4:15 p.m. on Sportdeutschland.TV) – a unique constellation. For the first time, a German sports association grants asylum to a foreign club within the framework of its championship operations.

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His young team, essentially identical to the Ukrainian national team, should meet the 19 HBL teams between Rostock and Konstanz; the results are canceled at the end of the season and have no impact on the table. This arrangement is just too special not to draw attention; this is already suggested by the number of media inquiries the team leader is currently receiving.

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