“Your career is over”: Police investigating Melanie Müller

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“Your career is over”
Police investigating Melanie Müller

How deep is Melanie Müller in the Nazi swamp? Did she even show the Hitler salute on stage? The investigative authorities in Leipzig are now also interested in this. Meanwhile, Müller’s former partner is “shocked” and does not predict a good future for his ex.

Police in Leipzig are investigating Ballermann singer Melanie Müller. “It concerns the suspicion of the use of license plates of unconstitutional organizations under paragraph 86a of the Criminal Code,” said a police spokeswoman. Such features may include flags, insignia, uniform pieces, slogans, and forms of greeting.

Specifically, it concerns a video that was available for the newspaper “Bild”. It should show the singer raising her right arm a few times during a performance in Leipzig in mid-September. She is believed to have delivered the so-called Hitler salute. “The video is now being intensively evaluated,” emphasizes the police spokeswoman. She declined to give further details.

The ex takes the kids

In an interview with RTL, Müller’s husband, Mike Blümer, also spoke for the first time. The two have been married since 2014 and have a daughter born together in 2017 and a son born in 2019. However, from the summer of 2021, there was a crisis in the marriage and Müller subsequently filed for divorce. Since then, a public war of roses has raged between the two.

“I cannot believe the whole story. I am shocked, defeated, speechless. I no longer recognize Melli Müller, who is still my wife,” says Blümer in an exclusive RTL interview. His main concern now is the two children together. “In consultation with youth care and other institutions, I first took the children with me so that nothing strange would happen. We have joint custody and I also have a duty to take care of them. And at the moment I am not ready for it yet or to give her the children back,” says Blumer.

The kids need to be “kept out of all this,” adds the father of two. “I’ve noticed that even friends of mine and myself are being bullied because of the videos on the street.”

“I warned her”

With regard to his estranged wife, Blümer says she has shown no “right-wing tendencies” in the past. “We used to have a Colombian nanny, we wanted to take her to a former concentration camp and tell her the sad story behind it and the unspeakable suffering that happened there. That’s why the videos shock me so much,” he continues.

Since separating from him, Melanie Müller has also entered right-wing circles through her new partner Andreas Kunz, explains Blümer, adding: “I warned her several times, but she has no leader at the moment and we are seeing the result. now I hope she turns her brains back on eventually.”

For Müller’s husband, the matter seems clear: “Her career is over for me. Probably few people can handle what she said. Every advertising partner, every organizer will give her a wide berth.”

“I condemn that in the strongest terms”

However, Melanie Müller herself has clearly denied the allegations recently. Her movements during the performance in Leipzig had nothing to do with the Nazi salute. “I’ve been on stage for eleven years and always make those hand movements. Not from an extreme right-wing background, but ‘Zicke zacke zicke zacke’, exactly the way I do it there,” she explains.

In a statement on Instagram, she also states: “I have nothing to do with right-wing extremists or nationalist ideas. I condemn that in the strongest possible terms.”

The 34-year-old had previously distanced himself from far-right statements that could be heard in the audience on another video of the same performance. Several visitors chanted “Sieg Heil”. Müller insists she has ended her show because of the incidents. There should also be a video of this. So far, however, this has not been shown.

Born in 1988 in Oschatz, Saxony, Müller starred in several porn films in her early twenties under the pseudonym “Scarlet Young”. She became known to a wider audience when she participated as a candidate in the RTL program “Der Bachelor” in 2013. In 2014 she moved to the jungle camp and was crowned the winner of the format there. Since then she has also made a name for herself as a singer of hits. In 2021, she successfully completed another reality TV appearance – she also left the container “Celebrity Big Brother” as the winner.

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