“You can’t get out that much”: Bushido’s wife shows the new residence in Dubai

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“You don’t get out that much”
Bushido’s wife shows the new residence in Dubai

Bushido emigrated to Dubai with family and friends – and his wife now lets the fans participate in the new everyday family life. On Instagram, the mother of eight not only presents the new house, but also shows how the older children are preparing for the new school.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi, the wife of rapper Bushido, has shared some impressions of the new daily life of her extended family. “Dear people, you know we have moved. We were under a lot of stress now,” says the 40-year-old in one of the many Instagram videos. There have been reports in the media for some time that the family would have moved to the Emirate of Dubai. The rapper has not officially confirmed this.


The couple’s triplets were born eight weeks ago.

(Photo: photo alliance/dpa/Bushido)

The family first had to get used to their new home, Ferchichi continues, without going into details about the location. “The weather is much warmer, you can’t go out that much and you just have to stay inside more.”

They have already found a good rhythm, even though the new house is “far from finished”. The videos show, among other things, a swimming pool and a large, unfurnished corridor with several strollers.

Ferchichi also reported that the older children are about to start their first day at their new school. The 40-year-old has more than 451,000 followers. And she promises them, “I’ll show you more at some point.”

Rapper Bushido, whose real name is Anis Mohamed Ferchichi, and his wife have been married since 2012. They have seven children together. Anna-Maria Ferchichi also has a son from her first marriage. Triplets Leonora, Naima and Amaya were born eight weeks ago. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had taken on the eresponsoring.

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