“Yes, we are a couple”: Sky du Mont introduces his new love

“Yes, we are a couple”
Sky du Mont presents his new love

Sky du Mont has already had four marriages. Even his most recent relationship with his wife Mirja shouldn’t last forever. Now, however, the 75-year-old is back in the clouds. He loves an Austrian journalist, as he openly admits.

Sky du Mont announced a few weeks ago that he has a girlfriend again. “I’m in a new relationship now!” He finally revealed to the “Bild” newspaper in July. However, he left open who his chosen one was. But now the cat is out of the bag.

As the 75-year-old once again told Bild newspaper, he has a relationship with journalist Julia Schütze. The Austrian works for the public broadcaster in her home country. Like other du Monts partners, she is also significantly younger than the actor at age 46.

“Yes, we are a couple”, said du Mont about his new love happiness from the newspaper “Bild”. And further: “We are doing well and we have plans.”

love at second sight

The two have been together for about five months, one would say. They got to know each other in 2017 during an interview between the journalist and the actor. However, it didn’t start until January of this year when he chatted with her again for her podcast “#Talk2Me” – even though the conversation took place via a video link.

Sky du Mont has been married four times. In 2016, he announced the divorce from his last wife, Mirja du Mont. The couple married in 2000. The divorce followed in 2017. The two have two children together, 21-year-old Tara and 16-year-old Fayn. The actor also has a son from a previous marriage.

Sky du Mont started his career in the early 1970s. Since then he has participated in numerous film and television productions. He embodied what is probably his most iconic role in Bully Herbig’s western comedy “Der Schuh des Manitou”, in which he played the villain Santa Maria.

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