“X Factor” Amputation Winner: Mrs. Greenbird Singer Has One Leg Amputated

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Singer of Mrs Greenbird
‘X Factor’ winner has leg amputated

“You must be very brave now,” Sarah Nücken begins her current Instagram post. What follows is a real shock: Mrs. Greenbird’s singer had to have a leg amputated. A serious accident is to blame – and Corona.

Shocking news from Sarah Nücken: Mrs. Greenbird’s singer had a leg amputated. The winner of the talent show “X Factor” 2012 announced this via Instagram. “You must be very brave now,” she begins the longer post.

The 38-year-old explains that until a few days ago she was in hospital where her right leg was removed. But she had been preparing for this for a long time: “There is a very long history behind it and now more than 40 operations.”

An accident in December and the long, corona-related postponement of surgery did “unfortunately the rest”. According to the circumstances, she is “all right”, only her body still needs to heal a bit. She would have to wait a little longer for a prosthesis to be placed. You write all this to avoid irritation and to take away any contact fear.

“Please be completely at ease”

Her planned concert on Saturday 17 September in Pforzheim would take place despite the operation: “After all, music is the best medicine!” She’s still the same, she looks a little different at first, Nücken finishes the post. ‘Please be completely at ease. Me too.’ She also shared the news on her Instagram stories and also posted a photo of herself in a wheelchair.

mrs. Greenbird is a German folk duo consisting of Nücken and her husband Steffen Brückner. In the fall of 2012, Ms. Greenbird took part in the third season of the Vox talent show “X Factor” and went on to win. In December 2020, Nücken revealed that she was expecting a child with her husband. Daughter Suki was born in May 2021.

(This article was first published on Thursday, September 15, 2022.)

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