Wrote the ‘Tudor Trilogy’: Writer Hilary Mantel Died

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Wrote the “Tudor Trilogy”
Writer Hilary Mantel has passed away

Her bestsellers “Wolves” and “Falcons” were both awarded the highest British literary prize. Well-known British author Hilary Mantel has passed away unexpectedly.

British writer Hilary Mantel has passed away.According to her publishing house in Britain, the British news agency PA announced that the successful writer has passed away ‘sudden but peacefully’, surrounded by her family. She was 70 years old. The award-winning author, critic and jurist became world famous with historical novels.

In 2009, she was awarded the Booker Prize, Britain’s premier literary award, for her novel “Wolves”. In 2012, Mantel won the prize again with “Falken”. Both works are part of the “Tudor Trilogy”. Her last book, the volume “Learning to Talk,” was released in 2022. Her publisher, HarperCollins, described Mantel to PA as “one of the greatest English storytellers of this century. Her admired works are considered modern classics.”

She will be remembered for her tremendous generosity towards other budding writers and her ability to enthuse a live audience, wrote Mantel’s manager Bill Hamilton. In addition, Mantel has produced some of the best commentary on topics and books.

Hilary Mantel was born on July 6, 1952 in Glossop, England. She studied law at the London School of Economics and the University of Sheffield. She worked as a social worker and lived in Botswana for five years, followed by four years in Saudi Arabia before returning to the UK in the mid-1980s. Mantel married geologist Gerald McEwen on September 23, 1972.

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