Woman turned herself in after confessing her partner died after fighting back against his physical and sexual assault

Teresa "N" He turned himself in to authorities after defending himself against his attacker (Picture: Twitter/@MrElDiablo8)
Teresa “N” turned himself in to authorities after defending herself against her attacker (Picture: Twitter/@MrElDiablo8)

There is a” handed over to the authorities after i confessed that defends itself against its attackerwho sexually and physically abused her, he died and his body was left on the floor of his home in the Merced Balbuena neighborhood, Mayor’s Office of Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City.

According to police reports consulted by millenniumThe events took place around 1:00 p.m. this Thursday when police officers of the Sector’s Department of Citizen Security (SSC). Mercy Balbuena They went to 309 Heliodoro Valle Street, where the woman was.

There they interviewed Teresa “N” who had several bruises and bloodstains on her hands and face, for which they requested a medical unit to treat her.

She told the officers had just suffered physical assault and sexual abuse from your partner, Romulo Martinez, 52 years old. When asked where he was, he replied that he was in the bathroom of the house, letting the elements pass.

The woman defended herself against the attacks (Photo: Pixabay)
The woman defended herself against the attacks (Photo: Pixabay)

there Police found subject’s body who had buried a metal stick in his nose and another in his mouth. Paramedics from the Emergency Medical Care System (SAMU) examined him and confirmed that he had no signs of life at the time.

There is a” confessed that she had hurt her sentimental partner to defend herself of the attacks so that she finally turned herself in to the police who took her to a public ministry where she was made available to the authorities.

In the Penal Code of Mexico City, Article 29, Section B indicates this justified when “genuine aggression is warded offpresent or imminent and unlawful, in defense of one’s legal assets or the legal assets of others, if any Necessity of defense used and there is no sufficient and immediate malicious provocation on the part of the victim or her defense counsel.”

physical aggression.  Reference image (Photo: Andina)
physical aggression. Reference image (Photo: Andina)

He adds that the “legitimate defenses exist” when “damage is caused who ever try to invade or intrude without right, to the place where the defender lives temporarily or permanently, to the place of his family or to the place of a person against whom the agent is obliged to defend, to his maintenance or to the place where his own or a third party party property for which the same obligation exists. The same presumption applies if damage is inflicted on an intruder at the time he was surprised at any of the above locations in circumstances revealing it possibility of aggression“.

However, in the case of Teresa “N” there is a legitimate defense as she was physically and sexually abused by the subject at that moment. His intention was to save himself.

In these cases, the law indicates that beyond the legitimate defense the fourth part of the penalty appropriate to the offense in question, with attribution remaining for intentional purposes, meaning that woman should not be charged with murder nor be punished with a sentence of this severity.

The above for “excess”, but normally for the person who defended himself the crime is could rule out.


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