With or without debate?: Harry and Meghan are back in the United States

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With or without debate?
Harry and Meghan are back in the US

A journey that would last only a few days turned into almost three weeks. Due to the passing of Prince Harry’s grandmother, Elizabeth II, he and his wife Meghan have extended their stay in the UK. But now they would have left. The only question is: with what feelings?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are back in the US: After Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, the royal couple returned to their adopted home of California. Several American media report this unanimously.

According to celebrity site Page Six, Harry and Meghan left the UK on Tuesday, the day after the Queen’s funeral. Now the two have been reunited with their children Archie and Lilibet, whom they hadn’t seen for almost three weeks. Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland is said to have stayed with her grandchildren during this time.

On September 3, Harry and Meghan traveled to the United Kingdom. Originally, the couple only wanted to spend a few days in Europe. Manchester was the first stop for the two, followed by a visit to Düsseldorf.

All eyes on Harry and Meghan

Following news that the Queen’s health was deteriorating, Harry traveled to Balmoral Castle in Scotland and canceled his scheduled participation in the Wellchild Awards in London. The Queen died on September 8. Harry and Meghan then stayed at the Prince’s home until the Prince’s state funeral on September 19.

Given the strained relationship they would have with the rest of the royal family, many eyes were on the couple during the Queen’s funeral services. In fact, there was no discernible rapprochement in the public appearances of the royal family.

The couple, who resigned in the front row of the palace, were not invited to dinner on the eve of the state funeral. On most occasions Harry was not allowed to wear a uniform. There was no more exchange with his father, King Charles III, or his brother, Prince William – at least not in front of the cameras.

“Always dramas”

Still, there has been much speculation as to whether one or the other debate might have taken place behind the scenes. For example, nobility expert Neil Sean reported, citing a “very good source,” that Meghan had even asked the new king for a private interview.

His colleague, CBS host Gayle King, recently said she doesn’t think the situation has changed. At the Queen’s funeral, there were “efforts on both sides” to “solve this somehow”. However, there was no rapprochement, she quotes the “Daily Mail”.

Large families “always go through drama” and “turbulence,” King said. We now have to wait for further developments. “But I’ll tell you one thing, it was good to see Harry with his family,” King says.

The feelings with which Harry and Meghan returned to the US may soon become apparent. After all, both a new Netflix documentary about the couple and the release of Harry’s memoir are planned soon. How he and Meghan will position themselves is eagerly awaited.

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