With detective and drone plans: Paris Hilton is looking for her dog

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With detective and drone plans
Paris Hilton is looking for her dog

Her name is “Diamond Baby”, she is black and brown and “a little shy”. And she’s gone. Paris Hilton mourns the loss of her runaway dog ​​lady and does everything she can to find the Chihuahua again. She also promises a high reward to a possible finder.

Paris Hilton is on the hunt for her runaway chihuahua ‘Diamond Baby’. On her Instagram page, she immediately posted a slew of phone calls to support her in her quest.

“I’m doing everything I can to get her back,” the 41-year-old told her more than 20 million followers. “We have hired an animal detective, a dog whisperer and an animal psychologist and are now also considering deploying drones that can track dogs.”

According to Hilton, the dog has been missing for a week. “I was on a photo shoot and we’re moving,” Hilton writes. One of the movers must have left a door open. Friends and family then combed the neighborhood – but so far without success.

“Nothing is as it used to be”

Among other things, Hilton linked a search ad that she had published. There, the black-brown little Chihuahua is described as “a little shy” who would lie on his back if he tried to pick him up.

“I feel like a part of me is missing and nothing would be the same without her,” Hilton wrote. “‘Diamond Baby’ is my everything, really like a daughter to me” – because strictly speaking she is a dog lady.

As proof, Hilton has also released photos and clips showing the dog in various outfits. In one photo, the chihuahua is also wearing a necklace with the letters “BFF” around his neck – “Best Friend Forever”.

Hilton not only offers the finder a nice reward. She also promises not to ask questions about her dog’s whereabouts. Apparently, she doesn’t rule out that “Diamond Baby” was “kidnapped” on purpose.

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