“Will be able to win a majority”: Wigald Boning walks naked and in top hat

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“Will be able to maintain a majority”
Wigald Boning walks naked and in a top hat

Comedian Wigald Boning likes to hike from his secluded hut in the Zillertal. Since hardly anyone is there, he prefers to wear nothing more than a collapsible top hat, he says. According to him, there is still a lot of potential for this new trend in Germany.

Wigald Boning does a lot of sports, whether it’s swimming, running – or walking naked. “I am a tenant of a cabin in the Zillertal together with other people. We are very lucky that this cabin is very secluded, so that you can study naked hiking in peace,” says the 55-year-old in an interview with TV presenter Judith Rakers on the radio Bremen talk show “3nach9”. His ‘personal theory’ is that ‘Global warming, climate change and a long-term shift in moral concepts will allow naked walking to attract a majority’.

So far there are only two nude hiking trails in Germany – in the Harz Mountains and the Lüneburg Heath. “But for a population of 80 million, two nude hiking trails are very economical. There is still potential for optimization,” says Boning. The comedian adds that he usually carries at least one accessory with him: a collapsible top hat. You can store things in it like keys or sunscreen. “It’s also foldable and has a good chamois, which can be useful in areas with a lot of carpenter ants,” he jokes.

For Boning, sport is “a kind of mindfulness practice. When I’m out and about, the best-case scenario is that the inner monkey can’t be heard,” he says. The word ‘sport’ bothers him, because ‘you immediately think of competition’, explains Boning. “It’s not for me at all.” The 55-year-old “just likes to exercise in the fresh air”. He also covers walking in his new book, out October 4: In “The Pedestrian” he covers the philosophy of walking. In the fall, Wigald Boning can also be seen on “RTL Saturday Night”.

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