“White Lives Matter”: Kanye West goes to the toilet again

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“White Life Matters”
Kanye West is reaching for the toilet again

Kanye West is notorious for his outbursts, bizarre actions and lack of control. Now there is a different taste of it. At the Paris Fashion Week, the rapper provokes with a slogan on his shirt that is racially motivated.

Kanye West knows how to polarize again. So he caused a stir at Paris Fashion Week with a dubious shirt spell.

The 45-year-old wore a long-sleeved shirt with the slogan “White Lives Matter” printed on it. The singer left open what he wanted to express, as reported by the trade magazine “Variety” and the music magazine “Rolling Stone”.

The anti-racism organization “Anti-Defamation League” classifies the punishment as a racist reaction to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which campaigns against violence against black people. The phrase “White Lives Matter” is rife in the right-wing scene – not just in the US, but in Germany as well.

Accompanied by Candace Owens

West presented his new collection “YZY Season 9” in Paris. Candace Owens posed next to him. She also wore a shirt with “White Lives Matter” printed on it. She posted pictures of it on Twitter. In addition, models with the controversial phrase walked the catwalk.

Owens is known in the US as a journalist and commentator. She is considered one of the foremost critics of “Black Lives Matter” and a representative of African American conservatism. She supports former US President Donald Trump and is classified as right-wing extremists by some US media outlets.

Owens is also said to have influenced West by becoming a Trump supporter. In 2018, the rapper spoke to the then US president who wore a hat with Trump’s slogan MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) printed on it.

Mental problems?

West continues to make political statements. In 2020, he also ran for the office of president of the US. However, due to missed registration deadlines, he didn’t get on the ballot in most states.

The rapper often causes a stir with bizarre messages on his social channels. According to media reports, he has been struggling with mental health problems for years.

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