What is the most played podcast on Spotify Mexico today?

Podcasts are audio products available through files or streaming platforms like Spotify and One of the great advantages is that the user can listen to it anytime and as many times as they want..

Just as in the new millennium, people can keep up to date with their country’s news by having media applications or viewing movie catalogs from their mobile phones, so can they enjoy listen to news, stories, stories, interviews, among others via their mobile devices without being glued to their screen while still being able to do other tasks.

In order not to waste even more time deciding which podcast to listen to, here is a list of the audio productions currently most popular via Spotify.

1. stories of the night

In the tradition of radio classics, the stories, tales and legends that populate the streets of Mexico and Latin America are told here. Our GDPR Privacy Policy was updated on August 8th, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

two. the parrot

Ricardo Pérez and Slobotzky clap as usual, but now they record it. Listen to them as they share weird news, curious facts, hilarious anecdotes and brighten the week’s navel every Wednesday.


The Spotify Stand Up Podcast is… well, it is exactly what the title says: A Spotify Stand Up… Podcast, an audio recording of stand up comedy currently being heard on stages in Mexico and Latin America, which, in this first season, compiles the original and exclusive routines of 40 comedians as different as they are original in their art. So, put on your headphones (unless you’re in class), close your eyes (unless you’re driving). , get ready to have a good laugh (unless you don’t like being happy) and imagine with us that you’re part of one of the country’s best nights of live comedy (unless, You absolutely don’t want to And who are we to force you) Listen to a new episode every Monday and Thursday of every week. CREDITS: Director: Félix de ValdiviaExecutive Producers: Raúl Campos Delgado and Félix de ValdiviaProducer: Valeria MartinoAssociate Producer: Maru AriasProduction Manager: Martín Alonso AguilarExecutive Production Coordinator: Pablo PenellaProduction Assistant: Óscar Eder OlivaDirect Sound: Carlos FernándezStill Image: Alejandro TellezSound Design: César González CortésOriginal Music : Paul SefchovichGraphic Designer: Luis Antonio Cervantes AlatristeLegal Counsel: Lorenzana, Hernández, Leal, AbogadosAccounting: Global Entertainment FirmSpecial Thanks: Jarpa Studio and Parker & Lennox.For Spotify:Spotify Studios Director: Javier PiñolExecutive Producer: Nacho GilExecutive Producer: Daniel DíazProduction Manager: Camila JustoProduction Manager: Sofía GarcíaPost-production consultant: Tomi PérezLegal support: Janet Vazquez and Cristina ScaranoProgramming, promotions and editorial management: Thais TavaraDesign: Ángel AcevedoPromotion : Gaby SorondoPublisher: Patricia CorderoBetri Executive Director: Annie ChocronMarketing: Marta RodriguezCommunication and Press: Eugenia RojasMexico City, 2022. All rights reserved.

Four. hidden number

Sofia, a young science fiction writer, is on her way to the most important meeting of her life. For his latest novel he has to sign a millionaire contract. But a mysterious phone call throws all his plans into question. Coming to the meeting will not be easy. Neither survive.

5. legendary legends

A comedy podcast where we cover tales of serial killers, ghosts, and whimsical, infamous, or fantastic historical events each week. (Spanish)

6. Doubts are given away

Se Regalan Doubts was born from the never-ending need to question everything, everything around us. Why do we believe what we believe? What alternatives are there? Where do we come from and where are we going? How do you make informed decisions? Coexist to live more intensely without ceasing to grow. We have so many doubts that we want to share them with you. Lety Sahagún and Ashley Frangie created this podcast to open a space where they invite experts, friends and people they admire, who know everything and don’t know what we should talk about. Follow us on @seregalandudas and you can catch us on YouTube Dudas Media Podcast. Our GDPR Privacy Policy was updated on August 8th, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

7. Phoenix Seminar – Brian Tracy

Phoenix Seminar by Brian Tracy. Complete modules in Spanish.

8th. archetypes

Archetypes Featuring Meghan – a podcast where we examine, dissect and subvert the labels that try to hold women back.

9. you are rich

Not only does Danielita yell at you 24/7 that you’re rich, but she’s serious about you seeing it. Advice, self love, relationships and a healthy dose of BLOCK IT into rock star mode. I’ll tell you in bitta-receive mode while I finish my psychology degree. You are my life rich and the time has come to see it. Follow me on Instagram sweetheart for content from the life of Danielita @danisayanFollow the podcast on Instagram for episode reflections, sneak peaks and more! @estasricapodcast Our GDPR Privacy Policy was updated on August 8th, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

10 Naked Psychology | @psi.mammoliti

In this podcast we talk about emotions. From your internal mechanisms: why do you do what you do? Why are you unable to express certain feelings and others? Why do you feel bad sometimes? Why are there things that torment you, that create fear or nostalgia, or that bring you joy? How can you regulate your emotions to feel balanced? Emotion management is the KEY to a meaningful life. And it’s up to you to learn it! The gateway to this process? Naked Psychology. From the hand of clinical psychologist Marina Mammoliti. www.psimammoliti.com

*Some titles may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

what are podcasts

Podcasts have regained strength among users of streaming platforms, especially after the coronavirus pandemic (Google)

A podcast is an audio product which has a defined periodicity and can consist of several episodes, although it has its origins in radio, those who like this format can currently find it on websites or streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Although podcasts started as a discussion between several participants on a specific topic, over time the way they are carried out has diversified and now it can be a person or a group, just as they are used not only as a space for exchange View used by points, but also include genres of interview like the podcast #AtCasaDeMara where he asks questions to various characters such as edy smoleither fictionas it happens with the suspense story of Chilean podcast case 63or deal with science, politics, journalism, welfare, among other things.

The word “podcast” was first used on February 12, 2004 by journalist Ben Hammersley Guardian in an article where he talked about how economical it is to create an online radio program and access it whenever the users want it.

Although there are various debates as to when the first podcast appeared in history, there are several experts who have pointed out that the idea was clear from the time the podcast was created. Thomas Alva Edison’s phonograph in 1870when intellectuals of the time like Philip Hubert, Octave Uzanne or Edward Bellamy predicted that people would “read books, newspapers and magazines with their eyes closed” and even mothers would stop snoring if they told stories to their children before bed.

Spotify and Apple want to lead the music streaming and podcast market. (Illustration: Anayeli Tapia)

Strong competition

Podcasts not only benefited from the corona pandemic by increasing their user numbers, but also Audiobooks also added more consumers on various platforms including Spotify as they are estimated to be able to leave annual profits of up to $70 billion.

The streaming platform on which audio books have grown by 20%She has turned to book narration with the voices of Hollywood celebrities.

Her rise may also have stemmed from criticism of the ease with which the platform has allowed podcasters to speak up, falling into misinformation in the midst of a pandemic, as was the case with Joe Roganwhich also caused the company to lose up to $2.1 million.


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