“What an incredible woman”: how the queen ennobled a selfie

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“What an Incredible Woman”
How the queen ennobled a selfie

The Queen with a Photo Bomb: Eight years ago, two Australian national hockey players were taking a selfie when Elizabeth II suddenly appeared. You get a great snapshot.

This selfie will be hard to beat. When two Australian national hockey players snapped a photo of themselves during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, an elderly lady joined them in the background: Queen Elizabeth II. She seemed to be having a great time.

The photo was taken eight years ago in July. Jayde Taylor and Brookie Peris of the Australian National Hockey Team snapped a commemorative photo as the Queen appeared after the 4-0 win over Malaysia. The frost looks extremely friendly. Taylor proudly posted the photo to Instagram and Twitter – it went viral.

The selfie caused good emotions in the team, the former defender recently told The West Australian newspaper, who later won the gold medal with her team. “I love the picture,” Taylor says. “She just smiled and nodded… What an incredible woman.”

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