“What an arrogant bastard”: Laura Maria on the first meeting with Pietro Lombardi

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“What an arrogant bastard”
Laura Maria on first meeting with Pietro Lombardi

When they first met, Laura Maria and Pietro Lombardi could not have imagined that they would soon become parents of a child together. In their new podcast, the couple reveal that first impressions – at least on one side – weren’t that good. This should change soon.

Pietro Lombardi and his Laura Maria were happy to announce in August that they would become parents. “When love turns into life,” they wrote on Instagram, among other things, with a joint photo in which they hold a positive pregnancy test and hold shoes in the camera. In her new podcast “Laura en Pietro – Aan Uit” she now says that she apparently did not have a good impression of the singer when they first met.

“Then I saw you and thought to myself, ‘What an asshole…’” says Lombardi in the first episode, which was released on Audio Now on September 1. “And I thought, ‘What an arrogant bastard.’ […] Pretty arrogant, with your sunglasses and socks up to your knees”, Laura Maria counters. The singer admits: “I made it my goal to make it clear to myself […] and I was so sure I could.”

But this first impression would soon change. The two later played “Truth or Dare”. Thanks to Pietro’s buddies, who set up the right tasks, the first and second kisses between the two came about. After the second kiss it was apparently inflamed. “I wanted more,” says Laura Maria. “It was a really good kiss, it really harmonized.”

Speculation about the sex of the child

Meanwhile, fans are eager to know if the couple is having a boy or a girl. The two can’t say anything about that yet. In a recent Instagram story, Laura Maria mentions that she has a pink pacifier on her keychain. Many “speculate”, but they only have this “because it says ‘I love Mama’. We don’t know yet what it will be – whether it will be a boy or a girl.”

It was important for both of them that the fans knew how the couple met, says Laura Maria in another story in which she talks about the podcast. The two also want to go into more detail about the pregnancy, it will be “a big topic”.

A new episode of the podcast appears on Audio Now every Thursday.

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