“What a fun time”: Spice Girls re-release “Spiceworld”.

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“Such a fun time”
Spice Girls re-release “Spiceworld”.

“Say hello to #Spiceworld25”: In 1997, 25 years ago, the Spice Girls celebrated success with their second album “Spiceworld”. For this anniversary, Geri, Emma, ​​Victoria, Mel B and Mel C are announcing a new edition – featuring demos, new remixes and previously unreleased live recordings and tracks.

The Spice Girls are celebrating a special anniversary this year: the band released their second album called “Spiceworld” in November 1997. For the 25th anniversary, Geri Horner (then Halliwell), Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham, all now aged between 46 and 50, have come up with a special gift for fans. The group announced on Instagram and their website on Tuesday that the album will be re-released.

“Say hello to #Spiceworld25,” the message read. “To celebrate 25 years of ‘Spiceworld’, we are releasing a new anniversary edition on November 4 with demos, new remixes and unreleased live recordings and tracks, including a never-before-seen ‘Step To Me’ demo.” The extended album is now available to pre-order.

“Crazy that 25 years have passed”

The “Spiceworld” era was “such a fun time for them,” the group said in a joint statement. “We just had a number one album with ‘Spice’, we traveled all over the world and met our amazing fans, we released our second album AND we had our own movie! Who would have thought? It’s crazy that 25 years have expired.”

Founded in 1994, the Spice Girls are the most successful girl group of all time with over 100 million record sales, with hits such as “Wannabe” (1996), “Stop” (1997) and “Spice Up Your Life” (1997). The latter was also heard on “Spiceworld”, which conquered the charts worldwide and was certified platinum in Germany.

A film has also been made for the album, which is now being re-released. “Spiceworld – The Movie” describes a week in the hectic and exciting life of the Spice Girls as a comedy. In 2001, the group announced their departure, but made repeated attempts to return. With a few exceptions, Victoria Beckham has not performed with the band again.

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