Wedding of Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander: expert analyzes the decoration, the dresses and all the details

Francis Herrera, make-up artist and wedding planner, criticizes Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander’s ceremony. (Tick Tock)

Last Saturday, September 10th Ethel Good Y Julius Alexander They entered the line of marriage in a ceremony performed at a farm in Pachacamac District. The happy couple held the outdoor ceremony as well as the party after saying the long-awaited “Yes, I do.”

Photos and videos from his big day haven’t stopped going viral on social networks, although they do Ethel Good He asked guests to respect their privacy. Those present couldn’t stop capturing the most beautiful moments of the wedding, such as the arrival of the presenter, the newlyweds’ classical dance and the brand new decorations.

This soon drew criticism, as did analysis by some event organization experts. One of the most popular on TikTok that has already given their opinion was Franz HerreraMakeup artist and wedding planner who has stood out on the video platform for her content as she talks about brides and all things marriage in her own unique style.

“I loved that the location is super spacious and that everything is very well put together with the style they wanted for the wedding. Ethel’s dress is super relaxed, I liked the “locomía” type shoulders because being a bit wide it hides the problem of her arms. The 10/10 dress looks pretty on her, it pretty much slims her waist. The friend was also a good addition,” the specialist began.

However, he hinted that a different hairstyle would have been appropriate since then Ethel Good she is always shown with her hair down in ‘América Hoy’: “I would have liked to have seen Ethel differently because I always see her with her hair down on the show. I would have liked to see her with a different option that is also relaxed but different.”

Francis Herrera, wedding expert, criticizes the ceremony of Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander. (Tick Tock)

Another time, Francis Herrera spoke about the decoration on the dance floor and clarified that the morning room host’s dress was perfect. “An impeccable decoration. The dance floor is also fashionable now, with its side chandeliers and the central chandelier, which seems to me to be made of dry branches. I would have liked to have seen Ethel at the reception entrance with a slightly tighter, but also relaxed hairdo. That would have been my recommendation, but otherwise I really liked it. Even the make-up is natural.

In another of his videos on TikTok, Franz Herrera He also referenced the outfits they wore Janet Barboza, Brunella Hora, Edson Davila, Christian Dominguez and Armando TafurThe magazine’s producer, who took a photo together, showing their clothes in full.

“You can choose red, neon, or any color except white, cream, pearl, or anything like that. This red was ‘on fire’ for Pamela, loved it, 100 points,” he first clarified as he revealed some users disagreed with the Cumbiambera dress.

“Of the whole group, my favorites are Edson Dávila and Brunella Horna. I love the green suit he wore, it looks spectacular on him. Check out these plaid pants, well marked. I loved Brunella’s dress, this baby pink with this embroidery, very pretty. No glitter or a lot of sheathing, but that cut and the lace, spectacular,” he said.

Wedding expert Francis Herrera slams America Hoy hosts’ attire (Tick Tock)


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