Weather forecast of the weather in Piura for this September 23

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Weather forecasts based on observations and mathematical modelshelp determine the state of the atmosphere at a given time and place based on various relationships such as: temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation or wind.

Weather forecasting is an activity that has been going on for hundreds of years, even before the Christian era, and is essentially based on observing cloud patterns, the wind, the season, although initially this they were inaccurate.

It was only with the advent of new technologies (e.g. computers) that mathematical models were used, which enabled more accurate predictions and became a fundamental factor in the Transportation (land, sea, or air), agriculture, tourism, civil protection, public health, and even military operationsthis goes beyond deciding whether or not to carry an umbrella outfits put something on.

Below is the weather status for the next few hours in Piura:

During the day temperature will reach a maximum of 27 degrees, the chance of rain It will be 15%, with 93% cloudiness, while wind gusts will be 41 kilometers per hour.

A value of up to 6 is predicted for UV rays.

For the night, temperature will reach 16 degrees while the probability of precipitation It will be 25%, with 90% cloud cover, while daytime wind gusts will reach 43 kilometers per hour.

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At least eleven types of climates are reported in the department of Piura, highlighting the weather conditions dry and warm, as well as temperate, with low humidity.

Piura is located in northern Peru, on the Pacific coast and on the border with Ecuador. Hence the predominantly dry climate.

The climate, which has the greatest extent in the entire department, is drywhich extends from the west side to the coast of the Pacific Ocean and reaches the provinces of Talara, Sullana, Paita, Sechura and Piura.

The easternmost area of ​​the department, located away from the coast and higher up, is where there is more climate variability, where the weather varies from arid to semi-arid, semi-arid and even in some parts rainy and very dry, rainy.

The mountains, the jungle and the coast influence the climate in Peru (Photo: File)

What’s the weather like in Peru?

Up to 38 types of weather can be felt in Peruaccording to the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi), this as a result of the interaction between various climatic and geographical factors.

These key factors, the Senamhi explains, are its geographic location on the Tropic of Capricorn and its proximity to the Andes.

Of the 38 climate zones, The Senamhi highlights three main characteristics which are defined according to the territory of the country in which they are located.

On the coast of the South American country facing the Pacific Ocean and covering only 11.6% of the national territory is the prevailing weather dry and temperatewhose main climatic feature is the scarcity of rain.

in the the sawthe area near the Andes and which occupies 28.1% of Peru’s territory is the climate rainy and cold mainly.

While in the junglewhere the tropical climate of Peru is most fulfilled and occupies 60.3% of its surface, the weather is defined as very rainy and hot.


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