'We were drinking' - Dana White admits to falling out with Nate Diaz at a club after getting drunk

‘We were drinking’ – Dana White admits to falling out with Nate Diaz at a club after getting drunk

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Nate Diaz will most likely enter the Octagon one last time this Saturday. Diaz still has one fight left in his contract and that fight is set to take place on September 10 at UFC 279 against Khamzat Chimaev. Before that, Nate spilled the beans on an altercation that took place a few years ago between him and Dana White.

In a recent press conference ahead of this weekend’s big PPV event, the UFC President was questioned about the incident. However, in true Dana White fashion, he refused to answer and smiled. Dana has neither confirmed nor denied that the physical altercation ever took place. He used the word “allegedly” when asked about the validity of Nate’s claims.

“Allegedly, allegedly. We were drinking. After being asked if things were about to get violent or not, Dana smiled and replied: “Anyone else have any more questions?” »

Dana White wishes Nate Diaz the best for his post-UFC career

As mentioned earlier, Nate Diaz has hinted several times at his exit leading up to the Khamzat Chimaev fight. However, for the past few days, things have started to improve. Nate’s longtime teammate and friend Jake Shields said Nate is a huge superstar right now. If Dana White offers him the appropriate amount of money, Nate will definitely consider staying.

Even Nate himself spoke on the matter and expressed his desire to finish his trilogy against Conor McGregor before parting ways with the UFC. However, it doesn’t seem like Dana is too keen on doing everything possible to keep Nate in the company.

The 53-year-old previously said Nate was on the decline and not adding the same value to the brand he used to. He also stated that a fight against Jake Paul in the boxing ring would serve Nate better. Although those comments were made months ago, White hasn’t changed his mind since.

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“I don’t know (whether this will be Nate’s last fight in the UFC or not). I mean Nate and I talked you know. And I said look, you know this kid got into The Ultimate fighter, he fought some amazing wars for us and he’s been an integral part of this company for a really long time and what more could you ask for from Nate Diaz? If Nate is ready to make this his last fight, I wish him all the best.

Dana got quite nostalgic after that and revealed that Nate and Nick Diaz were always fun to work with. It may have been hectic at times, but it was always fun. He also added that every fighter has to face the day they are out of the game. cfu. But it doesn’t seem like White has a grudge against Nate.

What do you think of this situation? Do you think Nate Diaz is ready to leave the UFC? If he does, do you think it’s the best decision for him personally and professionally? Let us know in the comments below.

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