“We take it pretty seriously”: “The Crown” creators defend their series

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“We take it pretty seriously”
“The Crown” Creators Defend Their Series

The Netflix series “The Crown” about what’s happening in the British royal family offers plenty to talk about. Even scenes that haven’t even been released are hotly debated. Now the creators of the format are going on the offensive against the criticism.

Stars behind and in front of the cameras of ‘The Crown’ have dismissed criticism that the Netflix series dragged the British royal family into the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The fifth season has not yet been released, the new episodes are scheduled for November 9.

They are about the 1990s with many crises in the royal family. Among other things, the broken marriage between the current king, Charles III, and his first wife, Princess Diana, is shown.

“The Telegraph” reported that the palace was concerned. An anonymous source close to the king described the Netflix series as “exploitative”. Former Prime Minister John Major, played by Jonny Lee Miller in the series, has also criticized the allegedly negative portrayal of Charles in season five. Concerns have been repeatedly raised about “The Crown” that the reputation of the royal family is being damaged because many people fail to distinguish between the fictional series and reality.

“Heavy, Heavy Responsibility”

Speaking to Variety, The Crown creator Peter Morgan and actors Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West, who play Diana and Charles, denied claims that the series was “unfriendly” to the royals. “I think we all have to accept that the 1990s were a difficult time for the royal family and that King Charles will almost certainly have painful memories of that time,” Morgan said.

“But that doesn’t mean the story will be unkind to him or the monarchy afterwards. The series certainly isn’t.” He has “enormous sympathy for a man in his position” and for this family, Morgan said. “People are more understanding and compassionate than we sometimes expect.”

Speaking of filming Diana’s death, Debicki told Variety that Morgan, the crew, and the cast all did their best to handle everything delicately and do justice to the truth and complexity of the story. West, in turn, said that portraying Diana’s death carries a “heavy, heavy responsibility to make amends”. He was convinced “that we all take it pretty seriously”.

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