“We really don’t see each other often”: Lehfeldt doesn’t just want to be “Frau von Lindner”.

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‘We really don’t see each other that often’
Lehfeldt doesn’t just want to be “Frau von Lindner”.

After her marriage to Christian Lindner on Sylt, journalist Franca Lehfeldt continued to work as a political reporter. In an interview, she explains her transparency rules and insists that her job has nothing to do with her husband.

Journalist Franca Lehfeldt has defended her decision to continue working as a political reporter for the Welt television station after marrying federal finance minister Christian Lindner. “Otherwise there would be a professional ban on a woman,” said the 32-year-old of the weekly “Die Zeit”. In 2022, that would seem “absurd”.

A condition for continuing to report on politics is compliance with clear rules. So she doesn’t report on the FDP and the Federal Treasury Department, Lehfeldt said. She also relies on transparency, which is all too often lacking in the cooperation between politicians and journalists. “Unlike other zodiac signs, everyone knows my relationship with Christian,” she said.

The debates about her role do not annoy Lehfeldt. A relationship with a prominent person also puts you in the public eye – that was clear to her when they met. Lehfeldt has been working as chief political reporter at the Welt television channel since this year; she previously held the same position for RTL and ntv.

“Don’t sit there all day and worship him”

“When Christian and I got together, he was not a federal minister, and I was still working at RTL, I participated intensively in the Corona policy and, like today at Welt, I was responsible for the CDU and CSU. There was little professional. “Of course he was, I call it: a controversial opposition politician. But it was easier to get around the FDP,” she continued.

When asked whether she also received confidential government information through her husband or vice versa, he said through her, Lehfeldt: “We have super full schedules, we really don’t see each other very often. We don’t always feel like going into details about work in the evening talk. We’re a couple, just like anyone else.” She added, “Do you think I’ll sit there all day and worship him and wait for him to tell me something?”

Her recent move to the Welt television station shortly after her marriage to Lindner has nothing to do with her good relationship with the vice chancellor. “Please what? I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree. I cleaned hotel rooms during my studies. I graduated from the RTL school of journalism. I have to laugh when you want to explain my career to my husband,” she told the newspaper . Lindner and Lehfeldt married on Sylt in July – the guests included Chancellor Olaf Scholz and CDU leader Friedrich Merz.

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