“We miss you, daddy”: Julian Draxler becomes a father for the first time

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“We miss you daddy”
Julian Draxler becomes a father for the first time

National footballer Julian Draxler can look forward to young people for the first time. His French girlfriend Sethanie Taing makes this known with a photo of the small family. But currently she and the son seem to be separated from the father.

In 2014 he already became world champion in football. But now Julian Draxler is celebrating an even greater triumph. The German international has become a father for the first time. His girlfriend Sethanie Taing made this public with an Instagram post.


For example, Sethanie Taing announced the baby news.

(Photo: Instagram/sethanietaing)

The French shared a photo of the small family in her story. In the photo, she kisses Draxler on the forehead. In the photo, the 29-year-old kisses the hand of the boy who is lying on his mother’s chest.

Taing writes in English about the photo: “My whole world”. And in French she adds: “We miss you daddy”. Apparently Draxler can’t be with his little family right now. It is not known why girlfriend and son currently have to do without him. It is also unclear how old the photo and therefore the baby is.

“The first goal for my boy”

The boy can even be two weeks old. Over ten days ago, Draxler wrote about his first goal for Benfica on Instagram: “Great win and happy with my first goal for Benfica and the first goal for my little boy.”

Draxler and Taing announced the pregnancy in April with a couple photo on Instagram in which they held an ultrasound in front of the camera. At that time, the dancer was already in the fourth month. The couple has been together since 2019.

Draxler, who has been under contract with Paris Saint-Germain since 2017, was recently loaned to Benfica Lisbon. His next league game is also scheduled there on Saturday. It is very possible that Taing and his son are in France while he is playing in Portugal. In any case, he met his 34-year-old girlfriend in Paris.

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