“Waiting for hours”: If you want to see the Queen’s chest, you need patience

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“Hours of Queues”
If you want to see the queen’s chest, you need patience

Britons can say goodbye to their late queen and mourn by her coffin. The government expects a large crowd. If you want to see the Queen’s chest, you have to expect long waiting times.

Weatherproof clothing, plenty of provisions, a power bank for your mobile and a lot of patience: the British government recommends this equipment to all mourners and onlookers who want to visit Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin from Wednesday. The coffin with the body of the monarch who died on Thursday will be on a so-called catafalque – a kind of plateau – in the Westminster Hall of the London Parliament building from 5 p.m. local time on Wednesday. No flowers or messages may be placed in front of it.

Until the day of the state funeral on September 19, the British public has 24 hours a day to pay their Queen one last visit and say goodbye. However, you have to plan for a lot of time: “You have to stand for many hours, probably at night, with little opportunity to sit down because the line goes on,” says the British government information on the processes. You should think twice about bringing kids. Road closures and disruptions to the transport network are also to be expected.

Celebrations in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II continue in Britain on Monday. In the morning King Charles III. and his wife Camilla arrive at parliament in London, where they accept condolences from both houses of parliament. The royal couple then flies to Edinburgh.

In the afternoon, the coffin containing the Queen’s remains is taken in a procession through the Scottish capital to St Giles Cathedral, where it will be placed. A church service follows. King Charles III also receives Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon for an audience and visits Parliament. In the evening, the king and other members of the royal family hold a vigil for the deceased in the cathedral.

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