Virus infects computer in Chilean judiciary

SANTIAGO (AP) – The Chilean judiciary reported Monday that 150 of its nearly 15,000 computers running the Windows 7 operating system and McAfee Antivirus were infected by a computer virus just five days after a massive email theft was reported by the armed forces.

The information technology department of the judiciary stated that there are 3,500 out of a total of 14,990 computers running these programs on the corporate network. 1% of the total has been affected by the virus, said Zvonimir Koporcic, deputy director of the administrative body of the judiciary.

Koporcic added that measures have been taken to stop the virus from spreading further, the computers have been removed from the corporate network and the antivirus program is being changed. He explained that the virus attacks file folders, not computer systems.

The judiciary’s statement added that the fact did not affect the operations of the four chambers of the Supreme Court, as the virus does not attack judicial processing systems or emails, although it can affect personal data from computers.

The judiciary’s computer problem is the second in five days to affect President Gabriel Boric’s government. On Wednesday, electronic media outlet Interferencia reported that the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces had about 400,000 emails stolen by the Guacamaya hacking group from 2019 to 2022.

On the same day, a statement from the Department of Defense “confirmed the vulnerability in the emails,” although there is no official information on the extent of the hack or the sensitivity of the stolen data. The government later stated that the hack took place in May.

The email leak led to the resignation of the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Guillermo Paiva, who took office two months before the email theft.

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