Vip Vip, Hooray!: Why health is so valuable

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Eric Sindermann gets rid of his ex-partner, Andrej Mangold wants people to invest more in their health and an icon shows that reality is better than their fake photos. The Celebrity News and Scandals of the Week!

The sentence that opinion blogger Unico says at the beginning of each of his videos is, “The internet is boiling, we need to talk!” And in fact, this slogan fits in with almost everything that is currently happening on the internet and with our stars and starlets.

Drama of the week: the relationship dilemma between current “Summer House of the Stars” couple Eric Sindermann and his now ex-girlfriend “Katha”. It’s been a while since the show was recorded. Meanwhile, the Zoff that we now see in front of the screens has shifted to the internet, where the two shoot each other violently. The influencer Rafi Rachek, ex-partner of reality TV contestant Sam Dylan, asks if Eric has already been sued by his ex-girlfriend. Because she herself “threatened to sue him”, even though he “just pointed out her strange and incomprehensible behavior. Her poor lawyer is probably on all the lawsuits 24/7.”

After seeing the episodes on TV again, Sindermann is “hurt”, “speechless” and “disappointed”. The photos are “hard to bear”. In the ‘summer house’ he often felt like a bogeyman who could not expect support, understanding or ‘a hand on the shoulder’ from the other participants. His ex-girlfriend tried to “destroy” a person “on camera”: “You never loved me and you know it.”

Step out of the comfort zone!

The statements of ex-summer home owner Andrej Mangold also caused a lot of discussion this week. The former bachelor currently offers online coaching for anyone who wants to break out of their comfort zone and change. He cannot understand why so many people invest so little money in their health. His online coaching is therefore anything but a bargain. The fitness coach was particularly shocked that people “spend only 40 to 80 euros per month on their health”, which is not enough.

The “super cheap” online coaching also states that Mangold is “available around the clock” – which has now turned out not to be entirely true. The reality TV candidate has been criticized mainly for his claim that he would spend more money on health, something that people can no longer afford, especially given the current situation. Corona, rising energy and rent prices, inflation: all this brings many people not only to their financial but also to their emotional limits. One critic’s comment sums it up in a nutshell: such statements are “completely unrealistic.”

Speaking of health: Sarina Nowak, former “Germany’s next top model” candidate, who is now very successful as a curvy model, suffers from a brain tumor. It had recently become suspiciously quiet around the beautiful model, who – at least in photos – would bear a striking resemblance to the 50s icon Marilyn Monroe.

“Luckily everything went well”

In the current issue of “Curvy Magazine,” the 28-year-old gave the reason: “I was diagnosed with a tumor in my head and so I had to have surgery. (…) I didn’t know what to do. and I was afraid of that. It was not easy. (…) Fortunately everything went well, the tumor has been removed and I am grateful for that. At the moment I am doing well and I feel every day a little better.”

After the successful procedure, she now pays even more attention to her health: “Often we take our health for granted, and we should be so grateful for everything. This experience has certainly made it clear to me again how grateful I am for my health, for my family and friends.”

The media repeatedly reports how much social media has changed our view of beauty. Wrinkles removed and lips injected, breast augmentation, filler treatments: the number of beauty treatments in Germany is constantly growing. Doctors have long seen that especially young women and men storm into their practices with photos of influencers. Often, however, the photos do not correspond to reality and they are processed with a filter.

The best example of how far the world of Instagram photos deviates from reality: Madonna. The American megastar now looks younger than her own daughter in the images presented on the platform. But real photos of the artist with her Lourdes at New York Fashion Week prove that the two get along very well. The two appeared in matching outfits and the 64-year-old singer looked fantastic for her age. Presumably many surgeons have put in their bag of tricks for this in the past. Madonna wouldn’t need any more Instagram tricks. Until next week!

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