Vip Vip, Hooray!: Escape from everyday life with housewife Helene

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Queen Margrethe II is in quarantine, Helene Fischer wants to remove the public from everyday life and Gil Ofarim’s lawyer speaks of a show trial against his client: Vip Vip, Hooray! – the celebrity week recap is here.

Due to the current situation in Germany and Europe, many people have lost all understanding of party-loving people. Especially for anyone who squeezes into cramped dirndls and overcrowded Oktoberfest tents on days like these and busts out a lot of grind for overpriced drinks. Gas tax, the war in Ukraine, inflation – all this is currently driving people around. And sometimes, when the Twitter trends lead to hashtags like coughing and poverty, only satire, humor and a break from the daily madness really help.

Many have now acquired a certain gallows humor and can therefore laugh heartily at the satirical memes from “Tagesschiss” or “Deutscher Jungadel”, in which politicians are put in fictitious quotes, for example FDP boss Lindner: “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I. I am someone who comes from below (…) after all, I drive my Porsche out of the underground car park every morning.”

Or about a meme shown by the Federal Economy Minister Habeck, which reads the following slogan: “I can reassure you, if the heating is off, you don’t freeze (…) you just don’t get warm .” Of course, the fictitious quotes about our politics only serve to provide good entertainment, which is becoming increasingly rare on TV.

Queen in quarantine, hit Queen Helene on tour

No one knows how hot it was in Westminster Abbey earlier this week for the funeral of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, or whether Queen Margrethe II, one of the 2,000 masked guests, coughed during the ceremony. The fact is: when she returned to Denmark, she was found to have Corona for the second time. Was the 82-year-old already infected in London? It wouldn’t be surprising, nor would it be the first time, if more royals test positive in the coming days.

From her quarantine in Fredensborg Castle, the Danish queen may have even heard the good news that finally another queen, namely that of the German hit, is going on tour again. Queen Helene Fischer I. is back after her break. The 38-year-old announced this week that she would “kidnap” her fans. In a world far away from everyday life. A world in which we forget to be angry that prices are skyrocketing and many now have to turn every cent three times.

In an interview, the hit icon gave the first information about the big plans for the coming year. Also on the tour is Cirque du Soleil, meaning Helene’s show can only be one thing: breathtaking. The mother of a small daughter can best recharge her batteries at home. She revealed how important free time and her family are to her. She has become a “real housewife” who loves to cook. And because the singer, who is so approachable, knows that times are anything but easy for many, she has set out to enchant her audience.

Gil Ofarim and “The Show Trial”

Also a report about a musician who had unleashed a huge media avalanche almost a year ago – with a scandal that may not have been there at all – also received a lot of interest this week. Gil Ofarim unleashed a week-long debate in Germany about anti-Semitism, hostilities happening every day in our country and around the world. But has the 40-year-old lied to create public attention for a serious problem?

The video that Ofarim posted on his Instagram account about the alleged anti-Semitic incident at a hotel in Leipzig went viral. Now the musician must answer for libel. The trial begins on October 24 and will last ten days.

Even though the verdict has long since been handed down for many people, the presumption of innocence applies here as always. The musician himself sticks to his statements and claims to have told the truth. His lawyer speaks of a show trial. By the way, Ofarim is currently on tour in Germany. It bears the title of one of his songs: “Everything for Hope”. A concert in Regensburg is planned two days after the trial opens. Not only the public there will have a lot of questions. Until next week!

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