Vip Vip, hooray!: Does Laura Wendler have to endure now?

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Laura Müller’s account balance makes Wendler happy, a politician dares to have a private life and the son of a music legend shows his new love. Vip Vip, Hooray!: These celebs were the talk of the week.

Yes, dominion returns! What a great month it was when Michael Wendler made a financial profit with a few small, comic swipes from his former near-mate Oliver Pocher and went almost steep in advertising with his Laura. For the Schlager bard, who is on his ass with the tax authorities, the ruble suddenly rolled again – thanks to Pocher too. There were lucrative offers pouring in and the good news: the advertising clip, which he made with his Laura for the company Kaufland, even had cult potential, as the two miraculously laughed at themselves – a very clear message to their haters .

Together with Pocher, Wendler was on stage, there were programs with good viewing figures and suddenly there was not only a joint reality show on RTL +, but Laura even danced to “Let’s Dance” and lay naked by the pool for Playboy. According to predictions, the couple could have made a lot of money in the coming years – if Wendler hadn’t been released by conspiracy theory. He lost his position on the “DSDS” jury one fix three – the rest is history.

As embarrassing and tragic as the whole song may be, it reveals one thing in particular: Laura Müller never lied when she said she truly loved her Michi with all her heart. In good and bad times. After the Wendler tragedy, many predicted that it would only be a matter of weeks before Laura was no longer “Switzerland” and turned her back on her husband. No!

Müller earns half a mille

But the play girl seems to have learned a lot in a short time. Especially how you can best keep the self-generated coal together. Because as it looks these days, it is currently mainly Laura who keeps the two afloat. After the couple no longer lived in the shared villa in beautiful Florida and speculation about Michi’s bankruptcy started again, the fees Laura received as a tough business woman would have become known. As the “Bild” writes, the 22-year-old would have received 17,500 euros for the joint RTL documentary.

Playboy put almost 55,000 euros on the table for a nackedei shoot and 163,000 euros was even paid for the trip in the shopping cart for Kaufland. Together with lucrative collaborations on their Instagram account, that amounts to a total of 501,700 euros.

Minimum Catch: The coals should not have landed on Laura’s or her god-husband’s bill, but on Wendler’s daughter Adeline Norberg’s. Meanwhile, there is speculation about where and how the two will live after they leave the 228-square-foot villa. This includes a mobile home. Incidentally, this could also be a proof of Laura’s prowess as a businesswoman! After all, rents in the US are anything but cheap. It remains to be seen how long the adventure will continue without a work permit. But she has long since proven that Müller is not as naive as the press likes to portray her.

More celebrity excitement of the week

Oops! Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin dared to throw a party in her spare time. Unfortunately, a video of the party has been leaked. Now the politician has to answer to the press. The Social Democrat, the youngest prime minister in Finland’s history at 36, also finds it difficult to explain a photo of two women kissing. Let’s make it clear at this point: politicians don’t have to party, sleep or have a private life. Any politician in the world who dares to celebrate a birthday or have a life outside of work should be arrested immediately.

Fortunately, no politician is the son of Peter Maffay. His father keeps making headlines because his wife is many years younger. But now the son also proves that love knows no age. The 18-year-old teenager presented his girlfriend for the first time.

On Instagram you can admire the two lovebirds on a surfboard. Two happy people enjoying summer and life. Yaris’ girlfriend, that is Maffay’s son’s name, would be 40 years old. She is even older than the rock legend’s current love interest. His partner Hendrikje Balsmeyer is 38 years old. Until next week!

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