Violent weekend in Sinaloa: seven murders, two of them in the Cubiri de Portelas cemetery

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The weekend in Sinaloa was marked by intense violence (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
The weekend in Sinaloa was marked by intense violence (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Seven men shot It was the result of the violent surge that took place in Sinaloa state over the weekend.

One of the acts of violence was recorded in the community Cubiri of Portelasin Sinaloa Parish, where two men were found dead in the parish pantheon.

City police became aware of the presence of the bodies of two youths among the graves in the cemetery, authorities said They cordoned off the site to preserve the crime scene and allow the Attorney General’s Office of Experts to work.

According to initial reports, the victims showed gunshot marks and were not carrying any documents that would facilitate their identification. Forensic personnel would analyze his fingerprints and physical characteristics to match them with the missing persons database.

Prior to the discovery, the bodies of two people with gunshot wounds identified as were found in the cemetery in Tasajera Parish, Choix Municipality Horacio “N”, 44 years old and Lidio “N”, 38 years old.

Photo: Cuartoscuro
Photo: Cuartoscuro

They were allegedly attacked early Sunday morning by a group of armed men who were said to be traveling in luxury vans, who shot at them with automatic weapons.

A fifth decomposing body was found floating in the water of the irrigation canal south of Culiacan. stuck in one of the gates.

The finding was made by residents of the municipality of La Piedrera in the Syndicate of Costa Rica, according to the state capital’s municipal police report. who found a man’s body.

The day before, on the corner of Sierra de Juárez and Paseo del Himalaya streets, in the Villa Bonita neighborhood, in Culiacan, the driver of a new Ford Charger model He was intercepted by gunmen who held him down and shot him

The shots triggered the alarm of police units patrolling the sector. According to witnesses, the attackers were traveling in a Nissan vehicle. So far, however, no arrests have been reported for the events.

    REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez
REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

The seventh victim of the weekend was admitted to the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) hospital. She was identified as José Ramón “N”, aged twenty. who died while being treated for the gunshot wounds he had sustained.

On Saturday morning, in the Bachigualato district west of the state capital, the young man was shot at by an unidentified person very close to his home, so his relatives, who heard the detonations, came out and first transferred him to the Red Cross. where he received the first cures and was later sent to social security.

According to the message “MX: The war in numbers“, from T-ResearchMX, It was explained that from December 1, 2018 to September 18, 2022, the period during which the current term of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador runs, the prosecutors and federal prosecutors were registered 133,000 920 premeditated homicides in Mexico.


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