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USWNT Megan Rapinoe dropped the truth about ex-HC Jill Ellis, which drew heavy criticism

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Megan Rapinoe, true flag bearer of the USA women’s soccer team, winner of the 2019 FIFA World Cup and also a recipient of the 2019 Ballon d’Or Feminin has always been a great human being due to her presence in- beyond sporting events. She is one of the athletes who have always raised their voices for equal pay, against police brutality and many other social activities.

She is the current captain of the United States women’s national soccer team and reigns OL (NWSL), last November she published her own autobiography “One Life”, in this book she revealed many untold truths and describes many unknown events in his life. Fans are shocked when they learn an untold truth about his life, especially his relationship with his head coach Jill Hills.

What happened between Megan Rapinoe and ex-HC Jill Ellis?

This adverse event occurred on September 15, 2016 when USWNT was playing against Thailan in Columbus, Ohio, when the players were singing the US national anthem, US football legend Megan took a knee to show her solidarity with the protest against police brutality.

Although she made this protest many times but in this match Jill Hills didn’t take the behavior easily, Jill Hills replaced her a few minutes after the match even she told her that Megan wouldn’t do part of the team for the next games. Also, Jill Hills did not allow Megan to participate in the workouts.

Although the team sealed a huge victory against Thailand, the relationship between captain and coach turned sour, remembering those events, Megan Rapinoe described her ex-HC’s behavior in her book as “Such Utter, Evasive Bullsh*t”.

Fan reactions about this event

Although Jills helped the team win two FIFA Women’s World Cups, but Fans didn’t come to terms with her intolerant behavior easily, one fan said she could never be the players’ favorite coach, one even claimed she wasn’t a good coach at all while questioning her sporting sense, some fans criticized people for skipping them events because the team was winning.

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