Unwanted in Russia: Sean Penn and Ben Stiller are not allowed to enter the country

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Unwanted in Russia
Sean Penn and Ben Stiller are banned from entering the country

Since the beginning of the war, more and more celebrities have shown solidarity with Ukraine. In Russia, however, this makes them undesirables. Sean Penn and Ben Stiller are among a number of Hollywood stars who are no longer allowed to enter the country.

Russia declares Sean Penn and Ben Stiller undesirable. According to media reports, the two Hollywood stars are among a group of 25 Americans who have been banned from entering the country by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In addition to the actors, politicians such as Commerce Minister Gina Raimondo also ended up on the new blacklist, as well as business people and scientists. US President Joe Biden and other high-profile officials were permanently banned from entering the country in March 2022. The Russian government sees the measures as a response to Western sanctions against Russian politicians and businessmen.

The reasons Sean Penn and Ben Stiller were hit are obvious: The 62-year-old Penn had been involved in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine since it began in February this year. The actor and director was in the country when the war broke out to shoot a documentary about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Since his departure, he has been taking care of refugees from Ukraine with his charity Core.

Dead politicians are also unwanted

On behalf of the UN Refugee Agency, Stiller is also committed to helping people who had to leave their homeland because of the war. The 56-year-old visited Ukraine in June. Selenskyi, who, like Stiller, was a comedian and actor before his political career, he described as “his hero”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry had previously published an updated list of nearly 1,000 unwanted US citizens. Actor Morgan Freeman, among others, was banned from entering the country in March. The reason: In a video from 2017, the actor accused Russia of “conspiracy against the United States and called for a fight against our country,” according to the State Department.

Also on the previous list: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and former US presidential candidate John McCain. The latter passed away in 2018. Why he is still on the list was not explained in detail.

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