Unusual: He used an accident to steal a cell phone from one of the victims

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The arrested criminal
The arrested criminal

Area of ​​Parque Saavedra, in the city Silver-were the scene of an unusual situation: yesterday Monday, a man observed the traffic accident between two women, approached one of the vehicles involved and while the authorities turned their attention to what was happening, attempted to steal the cell phone of one of the crash victims. The thief was eventually arrested.

Official sources said Infobae that the incredible episode happened at the corner of 12th Street and 66th Avenue, just a few blocks from the center of the capital, Buenos Aires. There a woman on a motorcycle was injured in collision with Ford Eco Sport Van. Due to the force of the impact, the victim had to be treated at the scene by SAME personnel from La Plata before being transferred to Gutiérrez Hospital.

But what should have been just another traffic accident suddenly became an absurd act of insecurity a person passing by took advantage of the situationShe approached the scene of the accident unnoticed, opened the Eco Sport van involved in the collision and stole a cell phone belonging to the episode’s other protagonist.

But his plan didn’t work out as expected and he didn’t manage to slip as unintentionally as he had intended. According to the sources consulted in this way, the robbery was discovered by the agents of the Municipal Guard of Communal Prevention (GUP)who was the first to arrive on the scene to contain the victims and call for SAME’s intervention.

The raid It happened when the troops rearranged traffic after the accident and that the situation was already under control. At that moment, they noticed the man approaching the vehicle suspiciously and without hesitation arrested him. seconds later, They notified the provincial police.

When the uniformed men arrived, they found this The suspect tried to steal the cell phone that was there in the truck, so there were delays and the prosecutor on duty intervened. When they checked it out, they found that he had a homemade knife in his backpack, several ID cards and at least four mobile phones. He also had some money and other documents.

Items confiscated
Items confiscated

Another traffic accident and robbery at the same crime scene

A tragic accident happened this Sunday in Lomas de Zamora when a 47-year-old woman mHe died when he hit a truck while attempting to escape.She and her husband had two motorcycles that they wanted to rob.

According to what they stated Infobae According to investigative sources, it all happened on Saturday night when the victim was identified Laura Grossdrove in a vehicle, accompanied by her husband, Sergio Parisiwho drove.

At the height of the Parque Berón neighborhood, the couple found that another motorcycle had been parked next to them and one of the occupants of the other vehicle pulled out a firearm with which he began threatening them.

Faced with this situation, the 49-year-old man wanted to flee the place, so a chase began that ended at the intersection of Madrid and Petrelli streets, where Parisi lost control of his Honda Twister motorcycle and crashed into an “iron” truck of the Argentine Automobile Club.

For her part, the woman fell a few meters from her seat and, due to the inertia from the speed with which they were approaching, His body continued and eventually landed head-on on a parked truck, killing him instantly.

A few minutes later, several police officers who had been alerted by an alleged traffic accident arrived at the scene. confirmed the death of the victim and asked for help for her husband, who suffered multiple fractures and was transferred to the Luisa C. de Gandulfo Hospitallocated at 351 Balcarce Street.

The man, who was still conscious when the uniformed officers arrived, explained that shortly before the crash, two criminals on a motorcycle tried to rob her and even fired several shots. As this medium was able to learn, the couple hail from Llavallol and have two children, aged 23 and 19.

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