“Unlucky Timing”: Camilla Broke Her Toe

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“Unfortunate Timing”
Camilla broke her toe

For Queen Camilla, the past few days have been doubly painful: not only did her mother-in-law die, the 75-year-old also had to endure the numerous appointments in her new role with a broken toe.

Britain’s queen consort Camilla has broken a toe, according to British reports. The accident happened before Elizabeth II died on September 8, but at the same time meant the 75-year-old had all the appointments from the past week alongside King Charles III. had to complete in severe pain.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper quoted a source close to the royal family on Thursday evening as saying: “It was unfortunate timing to say the least, but she definitely endured it bravely.” It is unclear how Camilla sustained the injury. “She will continue to fight and will not let a broken toe stop her from doing her duty and doing what she has to do for the king, the family and the country,” an alleged insider told The Sun newspaper.

The 75-year-old will join Charles III on Friday. expected in Wales. The meeting there threatens to become uncomfortable. Because for the first time, the royal couple has to prepare for a bigger demonstration. According to the PA news agency, opponents of the monarchy are planning a silent protest against the country’s form of government in the Welsh capital Cardiff in the afternoon. Charles Camilla wants to visit Cardiff Castle, among other things, where the demo will take place.

“We need to talk about the future”

Trade unions, pro-independence lawyers in the country and supporters of a republic, among others, called for the protest under the slogan “Real Protest Now”. They demand that the police respect their freedom to demonstrate. There have been arrests in Britain in recent days as people expressed their opposition to the monarchy.

“We need to talk about the future of Wales and what we want our country to look like,” said activist Bethan Sayed, former Wales regional parliamentarian for Plaid Cymru. Although it is often argued that now is not the time for such a debate, he believes that the time of succession to the throne is just the right time. We don’t want to cause trouble, but we demand that our right to dissent and express them is respected.

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