Unionists stay another night at the Labor Department and the tire dispute escalates

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Unionists stay another night at the Labor Department and the tire dispute escalates (Last Night/Luciano Gonzalez)
Unionists stay another night at the Labor Department and the tire dispute escalates (Last Night/Luciano Gonzalez)

The first 24 hours The forceful action taken by the leaders of the Unified Union of Argentine Tire Workers (SUTNA) – which brings together the workers of the sector – were realized on the afternoon of September 22nd and thereafter remain in the offices of the Department of Labor, on Callao Avenue. The conflict, in this way, it gets worse and represents an increasingly complex situation in which the joint decision after a failed meeting with the manufacturing companies shows no way out in the foreseeable future.

During the day was the government building active except for the fourth floor, which houses union representatives. As confirmed by Sutna, as the hours went by, the portfolio decided to empty the other floors, leaving only the claim representatives inside.

“We are in the ministry fighting for the interests of the tire workers, the interests of the working class. A few hours ago, the Ministry withdrew all employees and they left us alone‘ commented this Thursday Alexander Kresp —Secretary General of Sutna— from the balcony on the fourth floor of the building at Callao 100 in the city of Buenos Aires. Then he assured: “We are here, the Kana inside and the strength of the workers on the street. We make that very clear to our colleagues here we staybecause the Department of Labor has to do the job it has to do, and from the factories we don’t see that happening.”

On the same day, the representative of the Ministry of Labor submitted a last-minute letter before the judiciary, who demanded his intervention in occupying the fourth floor of the building. “In order to avoid any situation that could provoke a higher level of conflict or damage to people or property, I ask for your intervention and I inform you through this statement so that you can mediate the necessary means to avoid greater damage,” demands the signed document .by Silvin Carolina Cruz.

Union reps continue to take over fourth floor of portfolio (Last night/Luciano Gonzalez)
Union reps continue to take over fourth floor of portfolio (Last night/Luciano Gonzalez)

It should be remembered that this conflict has been going on for five months between wage demands, hearings, strikes and blockades, but reached its peak of greatest tension on Wednesday 21 Septemberafter a hearing held at the Labor Ministry headquarters with the participation of representatives from Sutna and the Chamber of Tire Industry, where the companies confirmed a salary offer that the union is considering “insignificant”.

Faced with this situation, the representatives of the portfolio decided not to leave the offices. “Right now we are in the room where we normally hold formal hearings and we are doing so formally. peaceful in a show of respect for the collective bargaining. We didn’t have a complicated situation in here,” Croesus pointed out Infobae.

From the portfolio led by Claudius Moroni They assure that the conflict has been going on for months and that more than 30 hearings have been held, in addition to the fact that no agreement has been reached. From Labour, they also make clear that they insisted on holding the meetings even though there was no agreement and to that effect they denied the position of the union that the public administration closed the parity. “Negotiations continue beyond the fact that there is no date for the next meeting,” they specified. Meanwhile, from the other sidewalk, they assured that this was the case during these hours There is no open dialogue between the parties.

The Polo Obrero and the Unidad Piquetera support Sutna's claim (Last Night/Luciano Gonzalez)
The Polo Obrero and the Unidad Piquetera support Sutna’s claim (Last Night/Luciano Gonzalez)

After the Piquetero unit concluded their national plenary session at the Obelisk, they brought their columns closer to Callao HQ to “deliver the warehouse the tire workers”, they specified via social networks. It should be remembered that since yesterday afternoon a significant number of workers in the sector have been stationed outside the building, summoned as part of the coercive measures carried out inside the building.

“The struggle of tire workers against the Department of Labor continues. We call on all workers to join this fight in defense of parity,” the union said this afternoon, to back the call and send a clear signal that no solution is in sight.

From the department led by Moroni, they stressed that they would continue to occupy the fourth floor when negotiations “are open.” “The Ministry’s job is to follow insist with the agreements,” they specified from the government.

“We are in this area Suspension of activities in all factories until this is resolved and mobilizing at the Department of Labor in the hope that this situation will change. We will demonstrate all day in front of the ministry and maintain our union representation so that collective bargaining is clearly maintained,” Crespo explained in dialogue with this medium.

The companies made a proposal that completed the remaining additional part of the 2021/2022 parity, adding 16% and completing 66% for the period, and a partial proposal for 2022/2023 by the end of this year. “Beyond the number, which they obviously didn’t like, is the reaction virulent and disproportionate‘ industry sources said.

Destiny, Bridgestone and Pirelli are the main brands with local production and more than 60% of the Argentine market. They produce about 6 million tires a year locally and are estimated to have stopped producing more than 1.3 million units since the conflict began, almost a quarter of annual production. The factories of the three companies were again blocked by the union.

Inside the building and outside on Callao Street, the claim of the workers in the sector is maintained (Last Night / Luciano Gonzalez)
Inside the building and outside, on Callao Street, the claim of the workers in the sector is maintained (Last Night/Luciano Gonzalez)

From the private sector, they define the union’s actions as “wild” and they confirm that payment of 200% of the hours worked at weekends is required, a measure alien to the collective agreement in force that establishes the 6×2 system: operators work 6 consecutive days and then have 2 francs on alternate days . For each day worked, they charge 100% regardless of the day of the week, and if they add additional days, they charge an additional 150% or 200% depending on the day.

“It is a insult what they are proposing for the common period 2022-2023. We are all aware that 38% for annual parity is really crazy in this context, especially since the companies are in a very good economic period. You are in a situation unbeatable and the only thing they should do is to put the negotiation in the place of all previous ones: most of the joint negotiations had been resolved without reaching this point of conflict, ”Crespo had assured this medium on Wednesday evening.


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