Two children drowned in Cartagena: One was found floating in a pool

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drowned child.  reference image.
drowned child. reference image.

This was reported in Cartagena in the last few days two minors drowned. The authorities will be informed of the situation.

The first case happened in the pool of the Decameron Hotel in the tourist area of ​​Bocagrande when the child was identified Jesus Alberto Herrera Sibaja, five years old who came here to enjoy a vacation with his family.

In accordance with Alvaro CruzDirector of Cartagena’s Urgency and Emergencies Regulatory Center (CRUE), reported: “They called us directly at 11:38 am where they reported to us from the same Decameron that there was a child who had a problem in the pool that we support him we sent the ambulance but when he got to the site was he 5-year-old boy had already been transferred to Bocagrande Hospital.”

We went to the hospital and indeed a minor had been admitted by immersion, he was arrested, they successfully resuscitated him, put him on mechanical ventilation and asked to be transferred to the intensive care unit of the children’s hospital; At dawn, the clinic tells us that the child died in a serious condition when he was admitted to the intensive care unit“Alvaro Cruz stressed.

According to the CRUE director, the minor was found by some people swimming in the hotel pool and taken by taxi to Bocagrande Hospital, where he was resuscitated after suffering a heart attack. However, he remained under medical observation, the minor fought to the end, but died.

What happened is not yet known, because at first the boy was in the children’s pool with his relatives, and how he went to the adult pool. “The minor is the son of Colombian parents who were vacationing in Cartagenastressed Cruz.

As for the second case, reported in the capital, Bolívar, in the district of La Boquilla, there was the death by immersion of a child under 5 years old who was in a pipe with his uncle. The minor identified himself as Joshua Navas Cardona The fatal event occurred between the Puerto Bello and Puerto Rey lanes, north of Cartagena.

They reported to us the incident of the minor’s drowning in La Boquilla, but they did not report any on-site attention; Colombia has a legal framework that says children under the age of 12 should never be alone in swimming pools or tubes, adults must be responsible.” Local authorities stressed the care parents should take when paying attention to minors.

In dialogues for local newspaper El Universal, the boy’s uncle said that it was customary for residents of the sector to bathe in this pipe: “My sister, another aunt of the boy, took him there with a girl. She bathed her daughter and in no time the child was lost. When he went to look for him, they found him in the water.“.

Similarly, the relative explained that they later took him out and took him to the nearest health center in La Boquilla, but Josué had no vital signs.

He was the son of another sister of mine who was working at the time while taking care of him. We are very defeated because nobody wants that to happen. We need help to get through this difficult moment‘ the minor’s uncle told the newspaper in question.


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