“Tumor Free, Healthy, Cheerful”: Mickie Krause is Over the Mountain

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“Tumour-free, healthy, lively”
Mickie Krause is over the hill

In February, Mickie Krause announced that he had bladder cancer. Six months later, the good news is: the tumor is gone. Still, the Mallorca star wants to take a step back in the future: “In 2023 I only want to do what I really like,” he says.

Party singer Mickie Krause says he has overcome his bladder cancer and wants to take a step back professionally in the future. That says the 52-year-old in a video he published on his Instagram account. Krause said he was in Berlin for a check. No tumor was found during an endoscopy. “So that means I’m tumor-free, I’m alive and kicking.”

However, he found that his workload with three weekly gigs in Mallorca and extra shows in Germany was getting a bit too much. Lots of shows are still coming up for the Oktoberfest season in September and October. That is why he decided to step down next year. “I have decided to reduce my appearances in Germany by 50 gigs, to a maximum of 150,” explains Krause.

Even with après-ski and on Mallorca you no longer experience it as you are used to. “In 2023 I only want to do what I really like,” said de Munsterlander. “I don’t want to lose the fun and I hope you don’t lose the fun with me either.”

Krause announced in February that he had been diagnosed with bladder cancer and had already undergone surgery. The disease was discovered during the filming of the Vox show “Showtime of my life – Stars against cancer”. In the program, celebrities drew attention to the topic of cancer prevention – including a guided check-up with the doctor.

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