Total peace: President Petro suggests multilateral ceasefire could happen ‘within days’

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In the photo the President of the Republic of Colombia, Gustavo Petro.  REUTERS/Nathalia Angarita/File Photo
In the photo the President of the Republic of Colombia, Gustavo Petro. REUTERS/Nathalia Angarita/File Photo

A few moments ago, the President Gustav Petro unveiled a first major advance in consolidating total peace, one of the banners of his government. Although there are already approaches to structures such as the ELN and the extinct FARC dissidents, there was no agreement with these and other actors on a possible ceasefire.

The head of state said so these recruitment actions could take place “within a few days” with the groups trying to benefit from the ambitious proposal for total peace. This announcement was delivered from New York at the end of his agenda for the United States, which included his first appearance as Colombian President before the UN General Assembly.

The ceasefire proposal will be presented in the coming days, and he added this Thursday that he said the cessation of hostilities will “include all those who want a negotiation process with the judiciary in Colombia to break up criminal organizations.

This message is added to what the High Commissioner for Peace, Danilo Rueda, mentioned in conversation with Caracol Radio. Not only did he state that the pseudonym Iván Mordisco would be alive, as stated by the remaining group called the Central General Staff of the Farc, but he also announced that talks with the National Liberation Army (ELN) would begin “within a few weeks.” could be resumed. “

This might interest you: These would be the members of the FARC dissidents who would negotiate peace with the Petro government

In particular, Rueda pointed this out in the above media Protocols are currently “applied” for the reinstatement of the table at the ELN., and part of them “accepted and demanded the recognition of Venezuela as a guarantor, and this came from the government of the President — Juan Manuel — Santos”. In addition, he announced that once these parameters were applied, the country would be notified of the resumption of the peace process. These approaches were also recognized by the President.

There were official contacts with members of dissidents through the High Commissioner for Peace. Therefore, the possibility of a multilateral ceasefire is being explored, which would be the beginning of the end of the violence‘ added the President. Incidentally, he said that strengthening peace in the country would focus on peacefully cracking down on drug trafficking.

A few days ago, the Institute for Development and Peace Studies – Indepaz – submitted a report showing that about twenty groups are trying to benefit from the total peace of the national government. Of these, three are recognized as narco-paramilitaries – Clan del Golfo, Los Pachencas and other gangs such as Los Caparros, Los Costeños, Los Pachelly; The Shotas, the Costeños; The Spartans, The Coastal Stubble and The Office. Another nine are dissidents of the former FARC and two are of guerrilla political origin – ELN and MRP -.

It should be noted that the ceasefire would be multilateral and it would imply that the military and police would also suspend operations against the structures that have expressed their intention to use total peace, including those emerging from the air – bombing – and terrestrial.

In addition, Petro Urrego clarified that institutions like that National Army will continue to be present in the territoriesespecially where there is strong interference from illegal structures, including those who want to be involved in total peace.


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