TODAY Election Debate 2022 LIVE: Schedule and what issues will be presented by Lima’s mayoral candidates

The eight candidates for the mayoral office of Lima will debate for the last time this Sunday, September 25th.
The eight candidates for the mayoral office of Lima will debate for the last time this Sunday, September 25th.

One more week until Local and regional elections 2022. A few days before deciding who our next municipal and regional governors will be, the National Election Jury (JNE) organized an election debate where the eight candidates for the mayoralty of Lima will discuss their proposals.


7:08 p.m .: Gonzalo Alegría, candidate for “Together for Peru”, comes to the municipal debate. He made no statements amid his son’s complaint to the press.

The candidate of “Together for Peru” has not spoken to the press. Video: Channel N

6.30 p.m.: The National Education Director of the JNE, Milagros Suito, explains how the municipal debate is structured.

Milagros Suito, JNE National Education Director, explained the structure of the debate. Video: Television Peru

6:00 p.m.: Despite the fact that the JNE urged candidates not to carry laptops to avoid conflict, dozens of supporters turned up outside the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) where the debate will take place.

The laptops from different parties arrived before the UNMSM. Video: Channel N

This meeting, which will be televised and broadcast on TV Peru, JNE TV, Latina TV, JNE’s Facebook Live; will help voters decide their vote. That journalists Josefina Townsend and Carlos Cornejo will be the moderators in charge of going through the different blocks so that the debate can take place in an orderly manner.

That Community Debate of the JNE It begins at 8:00 p.m. in the Ella Dunbar Temple Auditorium of the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos.

First block: Questions from civilians on socio-economic, territorial, ecological and institutional issues are selected. The candidates are asked two questions and each has one minute to answer them.

Second block: the candidates exchange suggestions through questions and answers. The JNE confirmed the order of four pairs for this exchange time, which will total three minutes.

Third block: The mayoral candidates have 45 seconds to answer two questions from civil society organizations.

Fourth block: Viewers listen to each politician’s closing speech for one minute and 30 seconds.

Blocks of the JNE election debate.
Blocks of the JNE election debate.

That JNE hopes that the seven candidates fighting for the municipal presidency of the Peruvian capital will present their proposals formulated for Lima in the period 2023-2026.

The organization invited: Gonzalo joy (Common for Peru), Yuri Castro (Free Peru), Omar Chehad (Alliance for Progress), George Forsyth (We are Peru), Elizabeth Leon (brow of hope), Rafael Lopez Aliaga (popular renewal), Daniel Urresti (We can Peru), Maria Elena Soto Velasquez (Country Advances).

The 7 candidates for the mayoralty of Lima.
The 7 candidates for the mayoralty of Lima.

The electoral body platform ran a campaign called “Ask your candidate” attended by more than 500 voters who decided on the issues to be debated among the seven candidates.

Songs expected this Sunday include: Poverty (social dimension), corruption (institutional dimension) and health (social dimension).

It should be noted that the above-mentioned JNE campaign had as its main objective: bringing political organizations and citizens closer together in the electoral process and promoting the formation of an informed citizenship leading to responsible voting.

The “Bürgerfrage” was an initiative launched during the discussions presidential, regional and local. The first experiences come from the parliamentary elections in 2011, when it was included in the debate a block with citizenship issues.

Blocks of topics covered by Lima's mayoral candidates
Blocks of topics covered by Lima’s mayoral candidates

The national electoral jury questioned the political organizations Don’t bring your supporters to tonight’s meetingthis as a protective measure against the pandemic and to avoid conflicts between supporters that could disrupt the development of the activity, according to the spokeswoman for the electoral authority, Monica Maurizio.

In statements to the Andean Agency, the official indicated that “it is not positive” to convey a message of confrontation between political organizations when the aim of the activity is “the exchange of ideas for the benefit of citizens”.

Similarly, the JNE has ordered that only Lima mayoral candidates, with a very small group of staff, be allowed to enter UNMSM facilities. Previously selected citizens can also be present and ask the applicants questions as part of the “Ask your candidate” campaign. As part of complying with the electoral ethics pact, the panel has decided to accept the entry of a representative of political organizations.

From September 20th to 23rd, the JNE will personally organize 25 electoral debates with the candidates for the regional governments as part of the regional and local elections 2022.

After this 2022 election debate, the JNE will apply a set of restrictions that both candidates and voters must comply with.

– The dissemination or publication of voting intent polls in the media is prohibited from 00:00 on Monday 26 September.

– From two days before the election, political meetings or demonstrations are prohibited.

– From 24 hours after the 2022 elections, the holding of meetings or political demonstrations will be suspended.

– From 08:00 on Saturday 1 October, the sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited.

– Between 07:00 and 17:00 on Sunday 2 October, election day, voter gatherings will not be permitted within 100 meters of the polling stations.


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