“To my darling Mama”: Charles’ speech inspires British media

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“To my dear mama”
Charles’ speech delights British media

Charles, who is not always undisputed in Great Britain, managed to convince the British press with his first speech as king. With his statements, “he answered his critics very directly,” the Times said. Other newspapers were also positive about his first appearances.

King Charles III’s first speech has received much praise and enthusiasm in the UK. The new British monarch had visibly moved the promise made by his mother Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday, to serve the people for life on Friday.

The renowned newspaper “The Times” noted on Saturday that the new king had answered his critics very directly with his emotional words. “Amid his grief, his heartfelt tribute to his mother and his warm words about his family, one word in the king’s speech to the nation was more important than any other: servitude,” the paper said. Charles sent word to the nation that he would follow his mother’s example.

Numerous newspapers in Britain chose Charles’ touching speech to his mother – “To my dear mama, thank you” – as the headline for their Saturday front pages. The Daily Mail spoke of a “beautiful and deeply personal tribute” to Elizabeth II. The “Daily Mirror” rated: “Our new king’s promise to the nation: loyalty, respect, love.” The “Financial Times” headlined that the “lifetime apprentice” Charles III. step into the spotlight.

In Australia, whose head of state Charles III. Similarly, the “Sydney Morning Herald” enthusiastically commented on the arrival of the new monarch at Buckingham Palace: “Charles III. (…) stepped out of the royal carriage just outside the palace’s famous gates to a cheering crowd. greet ( . . .) to greet.” Since Diana’s death 25 years ago, no monarch has mourned so openly with his subjects. “This was the sign of continuity that the monarchy had hoped for,” the paper said.

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