Thus was witnessed the shocking moment when a tornado struck Guamúchil, Sinaloa

Around 6:30 p.m., a strong tornado formed in Guamúchil, Sinaloa, surprising passers-by

In the afternoon of this Thursday, the residents of Guamuchil in the state of Sinaloa, experienced moments of horror after its inception a tornado which hit downtown the city in the parish of Salvador Alvarado.

The first reports indicated severe damage caused by the strong winds that caught people walking in the street by surprise.

Several managed to capture the moment on their cellphones while sheltering in some open spaces and clinging to the trees as best they could.

This phenomenon occurred around 6:22 p.m. Thursday when they began to feel strong gusts of wind that intensified. When the formation of the tornado could be seen in the sky, as shown in the video that was circulated on social networks.

The inhabitants of the city were in the main square Pedro Infantebecause the cultural event was celebrated “dances of memory“ organized by the Directorate of Tourism.

The tornado caused damage such as downed trees, broken cables and roofs damaged by high winds, according to the coordinator of civil defence by Salvador Alvarado Jose Carlos Espinoza Espinoza.

He also reported that this was being felt with greater intensity in the San Pedro, Centro and Magisterio neighborhoods. The meteorological phenomenon crossed the city in 20 minutes leaving damage such as the fall of 12 trees, damage one four tin roofs and four dropped wiresplus he shot a spectacular and another five were damaged. One of these billboards fell on a car.

The skirt of a canvas and a metal curtain were also damaged. In that incident, one person was injured when he punched their face open and was reported with multiple minor injuries for which he was taken to an IMSS hospital.

The City Council informed that the Construction and Services Management has been given the task of monitoring and promptly eliminating the impacts that may hamper public services to the population.

Tornado in Sinaloa, Guamúchil (Photos: Facebook/Salvador Alvarado City Hall 2021-2024)

On the other hand, local media reported that traffic was disrupted by branches that fell to the ground due to the wind and had to be removed immediately so that motorists could circulate freely.

That Sinaloa Science Center explained that the tornado could be caused by the collision of hot and cold air currents, low air pressure, intense heat, humidity, among other things.

Winds were estimated from 120 kilometers per hourwhat it placed as F1according to the scale Fujita PearsonThe Science Center explained that these were moderate winds of 120 to 180 km/h.

Property damage reported, authorities say (Photos: Facebook/Salvador Alvarado City Hall 2021-2024)

The Science Center also pointed out that the state experiences heavy rainfall, so it’s not surprising that this phenomenon occurred in the afternoon. In the Facebook post, they also indicated that the people of Guamúchil can conduct a damage assessment so the tornado is properly classified.

Corresponding National Prevention Center the catastropheTornadoes occur from March through August, although their presence is not ruled out at any time of the year. So they assured that their presence in the country is common.


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