This Saturday the defense ministers of Colombia and Venezuela, Iván Velásquez and Vladimir Padrino met

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Defense Minister Iván Velásquez met his Venezuelan counterpart Vladimir Padrino.  Photo: Department of Defense.
Defense Minister Iván Velásquez met his Venezuelan counterpart Vladimir Padrino. Photo: Department of Defense.

Two days after The Colombia-Venezuelan border is officially reopenedthe Secretary of Defense, Ivan Velasqueztraveled to the state Tachira in Venezuelato meet his counterpart Vladimir PateHead of Defense of the Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela.

The meeting took place shortly thereafter on the morning of this Saturday, September 24th The godfather walked over the Simón Bolívar Bridge, linking the two countries and gave details of what he would be discussing with Colombian President Gustavo Petro’s government official.

“I visit the Simón Bolívar Bridge over the Táchira River and see this migratory flow in both directions. We will meet with the Colombian Minister of Defense, Dr. Meet Ivan Velasquez. We will speak on issues necessary for restoring trust and restoring a frontier of peace. Congratulations to the people of Colombia and Venezuela for the steps that are being taken,” Padrino said while walking through the aforementioned sector.

Vladimir Padrino traveled the border between Colombia and Venezuela

For its part, the Colombian Ministry of Defense reported that the meeting between Velásquez and the Venezuelan regime official took place in Zone Command Number 21 of the Bolivarian National Guard in Pueblo Nuevo in the aforementioned Venezuelan state.

Depending on the department, interesting topics related to the resumption of diplomatic relations between Colombia and Venezuela will be discussed there. At the meeting it was possible to see themThe two ministers shake hands and with a smile from ear to ear begin the long awaited meeting that has been talked about since President Gustav Petro announced that it would resume relations with the neighboring country.

The meeting was even held by the Colombian Ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, who published the photo of Velásquez and Padrino with the following message: “From the Simón Bolívar Bridge (Nte. de Santander and Táchira), where the borders between Colombia and Venezuela will be officially opened this Monday, September 26, the Ministers of Defense of our countries, Iván Velásquez and Vladimir Padrino, meet today . We’re moving forward!” tweeted the Barranquilla diplomat.

Defense Minister Iván Velásquez met his Venezuelan counterpart Vladimir Padrino.  Photo: Department of Defense.
Defense Minister Iván Velásquez met his Venezuelan counterpart Vladimir Padrino. Photo: Department of Defense.

However, the two officers advance diplomatic talksthere are still a number of messes that make it difficult Reopening is complete. In fact, this Saturday Ambassador Benedetti confirmed that the Venezuelan airline Conviasa cannot operate commercial flights to Colombia because it is sanctioned by the United States is believed to be involved in drug trafficking. This company is on the Clinton List.

“The impossibility of Venezuelan airline Conviasa to serve the Bogotá-Caracas route is worrying. We hope that Wingo, the Colombian airline that has this route, will operate this route as soon as possible and that Venezuela will find a private airline that has no restrictions or sanctions on operations and that the offer will be expanded,” Amilcar said Mirep, CEO of Cotelco, Snail News.


The issue has moreover justified that they believe new flight routes between the Venezuelan countryside and Colombian cities like Cúcuta. For now, citizens of both countries continue to walk from Venezuela to Colombia to buy products, medicines, groceries and other items that could not be bought normally after almost seven years of border closures.

It is expected that in the next hoursMinisters Padrino and Velásquez are making statements to the press on the issues discussed and new announcements are being made about the reopening of the border between Colombia and Venezuela, which will take place next Monday, September 26th.


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