“This pain is very hard”: Mikaben’s pregnant widow reports

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“This pain is very heavy”
Mikaben’s pregnant widow is calling

Haitian musician Mikaben suddenly collapsed lifeless during a concert in Paris on Saturday. All rescue attempts fail – the 41-year-old is dead, leaving behind a daughter and his pregnant wife. She now finds heartbreaking words.

The importance of the Haitian singer Mikaben for his home country is apparent not least from the reactions to his death. Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry was not alone in being “shocked”. Ex-Fugees rapper Wyclef Jean also praised Mikaben as “one of the most influential and inspiring young artists of our generation”.

The singer suddenly collapsed on stage on Saturday night during a performance in Paris. The rescuers who arrived at the scene were unable to help him. He died at the age of only 41.

Shortly afterwards, Mikaben’s wife Vanessa spoke out in a short written statement on Instagram. “Thanks for the prayers, but please stop calling me. I can’t talk. I’ve lost my other half and I have no words,” she said succinctly.

You and the musician don’t just have a daughter together. Vanessa is also expecting another child from her late husband. Now she has sent two more posts sharing her pain with her followers.

“Heavenly Father, I know you make no mistakes and give us nothing that we cannot bear, but… this pain is very heavy. Please help me, O merciful Lord,” read another text message.

She also posted a short clip showing her and Mikaben dancing in her house. “My dear, how did God manage to be without you for 41 years?” she remarked.

Mikaben, whose real name is Michael Benjamin, was the son of the well-known singer Lionel Benjamin. He was born in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince in 1981 and has also worked as a producer. He was involved in several hits of the band Carimi.

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