“This England” about the Corona crisis: film about Boris Johnson postponed due to the death of the Queen

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“This England” about the Corona crisis
Boris Johnson film postponed due to Queen’s death

The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the time of royal mourning have consequences for the film industry itself. As is now known, TV channel Sky has postponed the start of a film about Boris Johnson’s work in the corona pandemic. Kenneth Branagh stars in This England.

Sky has postponed the planned launch of Michael Winterbottom’s Boris Johnson drama This England, starring Kenneth Branagh. As “Variety” reports, the premiere would have been postponed until September 28 after the official mourning period due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

“After the death of Her Majesty the Queen, His Majesty the King wishes a period of royal mourning to be observed from now until seven days after the Queen’s funeral,” the palace said in a statement. The funeral could take place on September 18.

The story of “This England”, once known as “This Sceptred Isle”, is reportedly centered on the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, when Johnson had only been in office for a few months as prime minister and fell ill with Covid himself. – 19 . Johnson’s corona policy has been criticized repeatedly in recent years. The so-called “Partygate” affair about illegal celebrations during the lockdown also caused a stir for a long time.

The conservative politician increasingly lost the support of his government. As a result, Johnson resigned as leader of the Conservative Party in July and later left the post of Prime Minister for Liz Truss. However, these latest developments are not part of the series. According to Variety, Branagh has not re-shot any new scenes.

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