“They said it wouldn’t be long”: George Clooney is excited about his Amal

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“They said it wouldn’t last”
George Clooney is excited about his Amal

George Clooney has been considered the perennial single in Hollywood for years. And that despite the fact that there are rows of women at his feet. But everything has changed since he met his current wife, Amal. Even after eight years of marriage, the actor can not stop jubilant.

Married for eight years – and still in love? George Clooney gushes about his wife ahead of his wedding anniversary to Amal Ramzi Alamuddin Clooney.

“Everything about my wife is a bit magical,” the actor told Entertainment Tonight. “And I think everyone realizes that when they see her and hear what she stands for,” he added. “There’s just no downside to her,” the 61-year-old exulted on the sidelines of an event in Washington, where the couple also appeared in love on the red carpet.

On September 27, 2014, Clooney and the now 44-year-old human rights lawyer married in Venice. The Hollywood star was previously considered a perpetual bachelor, despite being married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993.

“Challenge the Mighty”

“Eight years! And they said it wouldn’t last long,” Clooney said, laughing at the longevity of his marriage. With the sentence “And they said it would’t last” he probably ironically played on a similar statement by Michael Jackson. The King of Pop had said it at the 1994 MTV Video Awards in reference to his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley. The singer and Elvis Presley’s daughter had only been married for three months at the time. The marriage broke up shortly afterwards.

With the Clooneys, on the other hand, everything still seems to be in the butter even after years. In June 2017, they had twins Ella and Alexander. When asked by Entertainment Tonight what values ​​he and his wife hoped to instill in their children, the actor replied: “I think everyone wants to teach their children the same thing – pay attention to other people.” He believes in the motto: “Challenge the powerful, defend the less powerful.”

Clooney didn’t just have a lot of good things to say about his wife. He also praised his old girlfriend Julia Roberts in the highest notes. “She’s a really good friend,” he said of the colleague. “She and all her family are friends. I love her whole family.” Recently, their new joint film “Ticket to Paradise” appeared in cinemas.

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