“There’s a bestial delivery in Colombia”: Diego Herrera from Caifanes spoke to Infobae ahead of his show in the Cordillera

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Caifanes, current formation.  Photo: Saul Hernandez
Caifanes, current formation. Photo: Saul Hernandez

This Saturday September 24th is the first day of the first edition of the mountain festival, which will take place in the Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park with a “line-up” with big Latin American rock bands. With more than 30 years of experience, the Mexican group caifans It is one of the most awaited by the Colombian public.

The Mexican band, which since then has presented itself in Mexico, the USA and in March this year in Medellin, performed with hits like “Afuera”, “Under your skin”, “Wind” and others.

In dialogue with Infobae Colombia, Diego HerreraFounding member and saxophonist, keyboardist and percussionist of the group, spoke about the more than three decades in which the band has been making songs that leave a special message and what they have prepared for the Colombian audience, which they present at 9:00 will be seen this Saturday evening on the Aconcagua stage at the Cordillera Festival.

Infobae: What are the expectations for your presentation in Bogotá at the Cordillera Festival?

Diego Herrera: Well, you see, we left a precedent that left a huge mark on our hearts, which is the two Movistar that we did, I don’t know, a year ago, and we were in Medellín this year Our encounter with the people of Colombia was very amazing. There was an animal delivery and we hope it’s the same. There was a kind of communion, a fast that the pandemic has left us both for the people and for us at concerts and that we are replenishing. We are very happy with what we are doing on stage and it will be very cool to share it with the people of Bogotá.

Infobae: And how did this commitment of the Colombians feel in these 30 years of career?

DBD: I wasn’t in the band for 15 years, for a while, but I remember back in the 90’s very impressed by the devotion and love of the people of Colombia. My references are my country, where we play a lot, the United States, which also has something very special, and Colombia, which is cooked apart. For me it was a reference and it seems special to me to play outside your country, for very different people and from a different culture, but also very equal. Music has this power to transcend nationalitiesthe breeds, the colors, the sizes and they formed a very strong unit.

Infobae: But in your case, your songs not only crossed borders, they also crossed generations. What does it mean for you to stay relevant and for new generations to get closer to your music?

DBD: The truth is a blessing There is no greater gift a musician can receive than to be heard and that songs we made 30 years ago are still valid and they take us to play a lot of places because it’s a blessing that I think it’s very rare and we’re very thankful that happened to us because a lot of bands were formed and well some are transcending and others don’t, it was time to be in a special place with some special songs and it’s an honor that through playing we’re trying to compensate in some way for all that loyalty and that affection by we leave our soul up there.

Diego Herrera de Caifanes.  Photo: Instagram @caifanesmex
Diego Herrera de Caifanes. Photo: Instagram @caifanesmex

Infobae: What do you think is the factor that made Caifanes songs continue to be heard?

DBD: It’s a very difficult question because I don’t know, I can tell you that the constant is that we like it and that continues with the new music that we make. They asked me how hits are made and I can only think that we should like the song and that’s happening now because we produce ourselves, so we’re the ones who choose the songs, the ones who decide what arrangements run and become how they’re received that’s the only thing nurtured all the time, it’s not about making songs or thinking about making songs that are anthems because then they become something else, I think music should come from a much more authentic place, more honest, especially with yourself.they may not be big hits, but you sleep easy with what you have.

Infobae: Over these years the way music is created, how it is produced has also changed, how has Caifanes entered new trends and modernized the idea of ​​releasing new music?

DBD: We’ve taken some steps out of necessity because of the pandemic to stay close, stay close because we kinda can’t play, but stay close and create things, but we always say, ‘We’re all of them old school”, that’s us from cassette, from vinyl, to make an album with 12 songs, to be completely involved in the studio and I think we often find the songs we like in one way or another, thousands of good ideas come up in the sound tests and improvisations. Of course technology helps a lot these days so you can record with a computer and period that’s cool but there are often five of us in the studio and at the time of recording we’re all doing.

Infobae: Exactly, are these new singles that came out part of a new album, are you working on it?

DBD: We currently have two fully completed ones that are about to see the light of day and another four that we have really enjoyed. Eventually we rehearsed, searched for material and suggested songs and we found eight, some of which are already playing, two more are already done, but we don’t know. Like I said we’re from the cassette and vinyl era but well at the moment we’re releasing singles and we’re totally independent and I think we’ll continue like that. If at some point we could put the songs we edited together and make an album of 8 or 10 songs that would be greatwe almost always did that but we adapt to the moment and I think that before the end of the year we will release a new song that I like a lot because it has a very special sound, we’ll see what happens .


Infobae: What about Caifanes made you want to come back and stay in the group after 15 years?

DBD: I don’t know what we have win. They want to play and do it together. After that breakup, I wanted to play with them, repeat that transcendent thing that we did in the 80’s and 90’s because we were apart and each one had made his life and I said to myself, “I don’t want to die without dying with these crazy people again playing with people and it was a very special experience. I said, “Let’s see what happens now that we haven’t played together for so long. If we have the same magic, the same power and the same strength‘, 40 seconds into the first rehearsal I realized that and said ‘here it is’.

Infobae: And what do you think is the song that the audience likes the most live?

DBD: Wow well we are very lucky as the list is long I can’t speak of one or five there are the classics like ‘The Gods’, ‘La Célula’, ‘La Negra’, ‘Don’t Let It Happen’ and suddenly we are fed by what they ask us on social networks, songs that are sitting in the drawer and that people tell us they want to hear and we pay attention to. Although in this case we won’t have as much time as we would like because we’re in the festival’s line-up, which is great and there are great bands and exponents.

Infobae: And which ones does Diego enjoy the most on stage?

DBD: There are several but because of the way it was recorded and how it was done and what happens live “Shadows in lost times” is one of my favorite songsit was never easy, but it’s a song that has something very special for me, a great melody, the lyrics anyway, I think the universe did magic for it back then.

MEXICO CITY, FEBRUARY 19, 2022.- Concert of the Mexican rock band “Caifanes” presenting their 2022 tour at the Palacio de los Deportes.  PHOTO: EDGAR NEGRETE/CUARTOSCURO.COM
MEXICO CITY, FEBRUARY 19, 2022.- Concert of the Mexican rock band “Caifanes” presenting their 2022 tour at the Palacio de los Deportes. PHOTO: EDGAR NEGRETE/CUARTOSCURO.COM

Infobae: Your latest song is called “Solo tú”, tell me about this single

DBD: The song comes from social networks and putting everything on the outside and very little on the inside, like coming out and living for likes and it’s useless; The other day I read about a band that had 60,000 or 70,000 followers and 20 people came to the concert. For my taste it’s totally wrong, I’m not very active in networks, I have my accounts because you have to have them, but I don’t post anything because it seems to me a waste of time and a very wrong thing because in the end it isn’t true. He talks a little bit about being able to kind of trust yourself and look inside, I think it’s a law of life, a lesson for everyone, if you want to be good on the outside you have to be good on the inside and we’re very open-minded the problems, not inside and we are half of the problem.

Infobae: I’ve seen some videos of some concerts you’ve already done in Mexico and the United States, and many adults are arriving with their young children. What feelings does this transcendence of your music trigger in you?

DBD: I guess they heard it a lot as kids, and yes We dedicate part of the concert to the children and young people who are there. We are very grateful to be able to transcend in this way because across generations we would never have imagined and well what a father that can be given and well we are very grateful to parents for showing us this devotion and heart , which they use for it.

Infobae: What have you prepared for this day at the Cordillera Festival?

DBD: The ‘line-up’ is impressive and from our side we want to get very close to the people of Colombia with the songs that the last few times I’ve been there have been amazing and very emotional. Then we are waiting for you to share a rock and roll time and memories.


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