The top 5 of Movimiento Ciudadano to avoid “militarization” and guarantee peace in Mexico

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The Citizens' Movement presented their proposal on safety (Photo: Courtesy / MC)
The Citizens’ Movement presented their proposal on safety (Photo: Courtesy / MC)

citizen movement (MC) held a conference where he presented his Security model to counter violence and impunity that exists in Mexico, where solid and civic institution building has been the accent that differentiated the government-sponsored national security strategy Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

This Thursday, September 22, the Orange Bank met at the Roberto Cantoral Cultural Center in Benito Juárez City Hall, Mexico City, to present themselves five pointswhich they believe could be the basis for real change in the security and protection of citizens in Mexico.

To argue the need for change and institutional strengthening, MC recalled that 28 million crimes are committed in Mexico and they need to be addressed 12,000 Public Ministry agents (MP), 120,000 members of the national guard (G.N) J 400,000 police officersfor which he proposed to increase the number of troops training.

MC proposed an alternative strategy to the security strategy promoted by the AMLO government (Photo: Twitter / @ClementeCH)
MC proposed an alternative strategy to the security strategy promoted by the AMLO government (Photo: Twitter / @ClementeCH)

He also pointed out that since the beginning of the frontal struggle against the main perpetrators of violence Mexico plunged into a failed crime-fighting modelwhich has been replicated over 15 years, so they proposed a strategic alternative that revolves around five axes:

1.- professionalize the police: professionalization of police careers based on merit and performance; establish the National Command Academy; have executives in all companies; and guarantee budget for the local police. In this regard, in addition to defending decent wages and rights in each and every one of the national companies, they pointed out that about 93% of police officers earn less than 15,000 pesos a month.

two.- criminal investigations: Mexico has a deficit in this area as in 2020 28 million crimes were recorded, only 2 million were reported, 1% of complaints ended in one sentence and 85% of study folders were archived. Reason for the proposal to give the police investigative powers due to the high number. In this way they could prosecute criminals, the deputy would become a legal adviser, prosecutors would no longer have police officers and a space for corruption in public ministries would be eliminated.

The orange caucus bases much of its proposal on police training (Photo: Twitter/ @AlvarezMaynez)
The orange caucus bases much of its proposal on police training (Photo: Twitter/ @AlvarezMaynez)

3.- Fast and expeditious justice: in this sense they stressed the urgency abolish informal preventive detention. “In Mexico, they stop to investigate, they don’t investigate to stop.” This statement is based on the fact that near the 40% of people in prison have not been convicted. That means 300 sentences a day without formal charge, hitting the poorest because they have little access to a good defense. Therefore, they suggested that only the criminal case should be initiated with a formal charge and each detainee made available to the judge, not the MP, to prove the crime and precautions.

4.- Transform institutions to security: In this sense, they claimed that “three years after the formation of the National Guard there are no results” as “violence has increased”. They decreed that the Federal Criminal Police Office should be created to have robust investigative capabilities and transform them Minister for Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) andin the Ministry of Justicewith autonomous circuit attorneys selected by the Senate.

5.- Prevent crime without criminalizing poverty: Of the 28 million crimes mentioned by the Orange Party, 120,000 people are responsible for 80%, which means that The relapse rate is very high. They also emphasized that a of five detainees had already committed an offence. At this point they stressed the need to break the cycle of violence for which the civil judiciary plays a very important role in the processing of administrative, negligent, non-serious and non-violent crimes, so that they do not proceed to premeditated crimes and serious.


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