The Summer House Grand Finale: The Farmers Are the Celebrity Couple 2022

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Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer are the winners of the seventh season of “Summer House of the Stars”. In second place: “the full-time influencers”. Third place goes to “the Islanders”. That was the grand final.

The farmers have done it! They are the celebrity couple of 2022. Or to put it in the words of Patrick Romer: “You are the greatest rag walking around.” In the semifinal with Vanessa Mariposa and her Diogo as well as the “full-time influencers”, the farmers managed to assert themselves against the strong “Islanders”. Perhaps Diogo should not have “farted so terribly” beforehand, then the chances of winning might have been greater.

It was a final that missed the bang. Before that, the viewer again witnessed strange constellations. Austrian Mariposa was first criticized several times by her boyfriend for her mediocre cooking, eventually the tattoo artist got angry at why she was so upset and asked her if her bad mood could be because she was “on her period”.

Emotions ran high, Vanessa thought it was “just rude and rude” to say something mean to her when she “had a stomachache already”. Also unpleasant to look at, but apparently a whimsical way of saying you like each other: Diogo constantly had his fair lady express his flatulence very loudly and “stinkingly”, while also announcing that he “loved his farts”.

“Only Patrick deserves the win, only Patrick!”

Before leaving the field in third place, “the islanders” once again dreamed of donating a portion of the profits to “a resource in Africa” ​​or “animals in need in Greece”. Meanwhile, for what felt like the hundredth time, Antonia Hemmer begged her partner for a little appreciation and tenderness. Unfortunately, the farmer suffered from her long hair on his face when she tried to snuggle up against him in bed. Over and over she encouraged him, even saying she didn’t deserve the win, it was all Patrick’s fault. The man was simply “a hand grenade, also on TV”. When she whispered, “I love you,” his response was, “I know.” Patrick’s problem with his partner in the final: “Sometimes you really notice that you’re only 22.”

In between, Patrick Romer’s now-common whisper of love: Antonia was “unmotivated”, she couldn’t do anything and only had “pudding in her arms”, to which she stated again: “Only Patrick deserves to win, only Patrick!”

Finally, in the final, they faced the “full-time influencers”, where the quartet had to put together their own faces from 30 puzzle pieces on a big screen. And while Marco lifted his partner so she could do the puzzle better, Farmer Patrick just used his Antonia as a human stepping stone. She squirmed and breathed heavily as she held on to his full weight. In the end, the pawns won, but you really don’t want to celebrate with them.

“We love each other, we are a happy couple”

In an Instagram story that has already been deleted, Antonia responded to the many shocked messages she had received since the summer house airing. She banned relationship tips from complete strangers, among other things, but also said: “We love each other, we are a happy couple. (…) We see our mistakes and work on our relationship privately. I too now see a lot through the broadcast I can’t or shouldn’t stand that anymore.”

We find out what the candidates think of their time in Bocholt during the “great reunion of the summer house stars”. How will the two fighters Eric and “Katha” meet? How does Mario Basler comment on his cigarette consumption? Does Stephen Dürr still have a stomachache? However, we probably won’t find out what Patrick is saying to the many angry viewers. The farmer and his Antonia are not allowed to be there when they meet again because of a corona infection.

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