The story of Mónica Cahen D’Anvers and César Mascetti: a passion for journalism and a proven love

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Eternal love: Mónica Cahen D'Anvers and Cesar Mascetti
Eternal love: Mónica Cahen D’Anvers and Cesar Mascetti

was “Monica and Cesar”, it was not even necessary to add their last names. An almost inseparable duo. For decades they were the face of telenochthe classic news channel 13. but Cahen D’Anvers Y Masketti In addition, they shared an almost idyllic love in these times of ephemeral relationships.

However, the beginning of the story was not rosy. When they first met in 1971, he was just taking his first steps in journalism and she was already a recognized journalist to whom she was still married Ivan Mikhanovitchthe father of her children Ivan Y sandra. The meeting was only a cursory greeting and took place in the Channel 13 corridors. Only years later – Mónica had already separated – their paths crossed again when she was behind the wheel Monica presents. At some point, Cahen D’Anvers confessed that back then César seemed to him “an unbearable man”.

Some time later, coincidentally on June 7th, Journalists’ Day, there was a crowd at a party organized by the station. They kept the relationship a secret for seven months until it became obvious. Then came the offer to co-host the iconic news show, and they were no longer apart.

Many years later, in 2003, they completed the long-awaited wedding: they took advantage of their 25th anniversary as a couple and walked down the aisle. “Nothing is more hypocritical than ‘they are there for each other because they are identical and get along wonderfully’. Cesar and I are like black and white. He’s the one who thinks and plans and I’m the one who executes. And I think that we are together thanks to the differences that separate us,” the driver had once said.

Mónica and César shared a passion for journalism
Mónica and César shared a passion for journalism

In December of the same year, they decided to retire from television and completely change their lives: they moved Saint PeterProvince of Buenos Aires, where they implemented the project the landscapean agricultural and gastronomic establishment.

It is 178 kilometers from the federal capital and covers around 700 hectares. There they receive tourists and organize all kinds of events on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10 am. With many gardens, green spaces, fruit trees and agricultural plantations, they invite their visitors to internalize the seasonal cultures. And they offered a picnic where you can eat at the restaurant, also access the warehouse, tours, walks through the countryside and enjoy a picnic.

Coincidentally, in January of this year they had been awarded for breeding the “Golden Peach”. “THANKS!!‘ was the first thing they wrote on their official Twitter account. Instagram. In capital letters and with exclamation marks that underline the euphoria and joy of recognition. “Very grateful for this new award and recognition as the best peach of the season. It is a great satisfaction and encouragement for us to continue to bet on this noble and exciting activity in which we have been engaged for more than 40 years.”, they added in the post they shared on the social network. “It fills us with pride that we managed to produce the best fruit this year,” said the couple, who also thanked the residents of Gobernador Castro, in the district of San Pedro, the organizers of the provincial festival of peach and production, edition number 22 .

Thank you to the entire work team of La Campiña de San Pedro for their love and dedication to the work, also to the protagonists of this event. Thank you for everything,” concluded the post, which bore the signature of the winning couple and as they have been popularly known for many years: Mónica and César.


Cesar Mascetti died at the age of 80.
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