“The Sadist,” the serial killer who terrorized the LGBT+ community

Raúl Osiel Marroquín, El Sádico (Photo: [email protected] and Criminalistics)

Raul Osiel Marroquin Reyes He was a former Mexican Army sergeant, originally from Tamaulipas, who is now in Santa Martha Acatitla Men’s Prison for responsible for at least six kidnappings and four murders of people from the LGBT+ community.

Raúl Osiel “El Sádico” or “Asesino del Arcoíris” not only stunned the police, but also Mexico City, as one of the serial killers dedicated to kidnapping and killing homosexual people.

Some linked him to other US killers who had been identified, such as the case of John Wayne Gacy (raped and killed 33 young men) or Robert Berdella (raped, tortured and killed six men), but despite the fact that these ones had homosexual oppression, Marroquín had stated that he was not gay.

He did not carry out the murders alone, he was also involved with Juan Enrique Madrid Manuel, his accomplice, with whom he was dependent and had very strong emotional ties.

Raúl Osiel Marroquín, El Sádico (Photo: [email protected] and Criminalistics)

The LGBT+ community knows that going to a bar or nightclub is a great way to flirt with someone. When he pays attention to him, a dynamic takes place that takes shape in such a short time and ends in the end At home or in the hotel.

This technique helped “The Sadist” a lot, with his height, stocky body, shaved and handsome, it was no problem to attract attention. Additionally, this was a technique that didn’t require much effort, and he mentioned that these people were easier to plagiarize.

“In order not to fight in operations with weapons and vehicles, it was enough just to go to the places where they were and they alone approached meit was easier for me to treat these victims,” ​​he explained.

“I’m not gay,” but the tactic of arriving alone at Cabaretito Neón on the London street between Florencia and Antwerp in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa caught the attention of all who saw it.

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At the time, Raúl, 25 years old, mentioned that he had nothing against homosexuals, that it was easy for him to choose this type of sacrifice by visiting the places in the Zona Rosa.

“I didn’t choose them, they just showed up after I invited them to my apartment. They left of their own free will and there he subjugated them,” he said.

When he had his victim, he asked for the ransom and whether they paid or not, he murdered them by suffocation or strangulation and then scattered the remains of the corpse at various locations around the city.

He even pointed out that “one of the victims tore the skin off her forehead with a knife to make a star figure for this victim,” said former Federal Criminal Investigation Director Genaro García Luna.

When they arrested him, they asked him if he didn’t feel sorry for the relatives of the people who took their lives, but “El Sádico” only answered “I never thought of her.”

In a statement, he contradicted himself and mentioned that the deaths of these homosexual people were good: “I even did good things for society because these people make childhood bad.”

Raúl Osiel Marroquín, The Sadist (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

He also said on TV: “One of my victims was HIV positive and in a way to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Raúl believed his actions had a moral justification. He considered his actions insignificant in front of society and justifiable for the American psychologist and police investigator dr Joel Norris He mentioned that this detachment from reality corresponds to the first phase of a serial killer’s behavior.

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When he was arrested by the Attorney General’s Office, the former head of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Genaro García Luna, gave information about this killer.

kidnappings and murders Recognized by Marroquín Reyes: An employee of a television station; a 20-year-old student whose body was found on October 27 and abandoned on the Chabacano subway; another young 28-year-old clerk he met at a restaurant on the edge of the Zona Rosa, who was abandoned handcuffed and handcuffed in the streets of Amazonas; two young clerks whose bodies were found in the Asturias neighborhood and a restaurant worker who was kidnapped and later released near the La Viga metro.


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