“The Pochers!”: Oli Pocher pulls on ex-girlfriend – who’s got the sting deeper?

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“Stroke or Zubotoxed”
Oliver Pocher humiliates ex-girlfriend

Oliver Pocher has never been known for his charm. This time, however, the comedian takes the low blow. In his podcast “The Pochers!” the 44-year-old makes dubious jokes about ex-girlfriend Monica Meier-Ivancan. Meanwhile, wife Amira receives difficult birthday wishes.

In his podcast “Die Pochers!” omitted about his ex-girlfriend Monica Meier-Ivancan, whom he dated from 2005 to 2009. She would have seen Pocher at the Oktoberfest, but not greet him. The comedian couldn’t understand why she didn’t feel like chatting. Maybe it’s because Meier-Ivancan never got over the breakup. “Oddly enough, I feel like the sting is deeper in her than the other way around,” he joked at the beginning.

Then the comedian went for a low blow: “Maybe she had a stroke or she can’t speak properly”. And he kept getting mad: “Or is just so botoxed that the lips don’t move properly anymore.”

“I am less demanding”

Oliver Pocher’s wife Amira also got a little swipe. On September 28, she celebrated her 30th birthday. The congratulations on Instagram came from her husband, among others. In an Instagram post, Pocher uncharmingly wrote: “The best wife would not be with Leonardo Di Caprio from today (too old) … but I’m less demanding.” He wished her “only the best for her birthday”.

But the 44-year-old also added loving words: “I love it when you cry with emotion! Maybe one time or the other in your life I’ll get it done…” Fittingly, he posted two photos of her sobbing showing in a hug with her husband. One comes from the couple’s wedding in 2019, the other from Amira Pocher’s “Let’s Dance” period in the spring of 2022.

Amira Pocher apparently celebrated her birthday with a big party. In her Instagram story, she shows numerous snapshots – including a kiss with her husband Oliver. She shared more photos in a post. The presenter can be seen beaming happily. In one photo, Oliver Pocher holds a large birthday cake with fireworks in his hand. The last photo apparently shows his wife after the party – sleeping on a couch. The 30-year-old wrote about her post: “Happy Birthday to me!”

(This article was first published on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.)

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