“The only reason is…”: Prince Frédéric wanted to adopt Tom Kaulitz

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“The only reason is…”
Prince Frédéric wanted to adopt Tom Kaulitz

America just needs more royals, the 79-year-old is sure of that. Prince Frédéric von Anhalt therefore wants to adopt “Tokyo Hotel” guitarist Tom Kaulitz. However, the businessman has an ulterior motive.

Prince Frédéric von Anhalt apparently wants a special new adopted son. True, he “made an adoption offer” to Tom Kaulitz, the 79-year-old told Bild newspaper. The Tokyo Hotel star had previously reported to his fans on the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”.

About his motives for the offer to the musician, the 79-year-old says in “Bild”: The only reason for this is “that I automatically make his wife Heidi Klum the princess of Anhalt. That interests me!” He would make this detour because Tom was very jealous and he certainly couldn’t handle it if Heidi as a princess in America got even more attention than him, according to the prince. “But if I bring him on board and make him a prince, we won’t rule him out. It would be a fair deal.’

Prince Frédéric made the offer in person, at a party, at a time when Heidi was not standing next to Tom. He offered the Tokyo Hotel guitarist “Two Million,” assuming he would get the money back from Heidi later. “She doesn’t need the money.”

However, Tom Kaulitz showed no interest in adopting when he talked about it on the podcast with his brother Bill Kaulitz. Someone else should ask: If the royal family in England adopted him, it would be different, the musician joked.

Prince Frédéric von Anhalt already has several adopted sons, including entrepreneur Marcus Prinz von Anhalt. There is a reason for his request to make Heidi a princess. America just needs more royals. With Duchess Meghan there is a prominent representative, “but she is not particularly popular, unlike Heidi.”

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