The new from Who is the Mask? She was devastated: “I cried and everything”

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Charlotte Caniggia is new from Who is the Mask?
Charlotte Caniggia is new from Who is the Mask?

Charlotte Caniggia turned out to be the new famous eliminated from who is the maskthe big show of phone that gets the audience on edge every night to reveal who the characters are hiding beneath those majestic costumes.

On that occasion, the media had intoned “poisonous”one of the big hits by Britney Spears but despite her great performance, she failed to convince either the public or the researchers and was chosen least. Because of this, he had to reveal his identity.

“You did great, divine!” he congratulated her Natalia Oreiro Minutes after discovering her face hidden under the suit moon. to which the sister of alex caniggia A little disappointed, she stated: “Thanks, I wanted to continue, but well, that’s it”. He added: “I haven’t told anyone, I’m a little sad. I cried and all, but oh well…“. To comfort her, the driver said: “It happens that very good people leave, and that has to do with the fact that the public is so fascinated by their favorite characters that they want to know who is hiding.” However, Charlotte complained: “Why did you choose me?!”. “You must have liked them very much,” said the hostess. While, Wanda Nara He also qualified: “Also, that means we recognize your voice, we have you very present because I listened to you and said it’s you and they said the same thing Twitter“.

It’s that the businesswoman along with Karina the little princessthey had predicted that she was the daughter of Claudius Paul Y Mariana Nannis the under this disguise while Robert Moldavsky I risked that wine flower Y Lizy Tagliani I had assured that it was so Luli Fernandez. A while earlier, Charlotte herself, still under cover, had given some hints: “Let’s finish the conversation about my personality, there is no doubt that I am a glamorous and sophisticated woman. At the weekend, when I go for a walk, I like to stand in front of newspaper kiosks and look at magazine covers.”

Natalia Oreiro was surprised to discover Charlotte Caniggia under the guise of Luna
Natalia Oreiro was surprised to discover Charlotte Caniggia under the guise of Luna

“I liked it, I had a great time, it was amazing, but that’s about it. I wanted to say, ‘It’s me! It’s me!’” Charlotte finished with a laugh. And right after that he said goodbye with the song he had sung at that last gala.

Last Thursday was the number that surprised as the cycle was unveiled Cristina Pereznamed under the character’s costume orchid. The journalist and presenter of tele-messages had sung “What a feeling”Irene Cara’s theme is part of the film’s soundtrack Flashdance (1983) and was unable to continue on the reality show as he would be automatically eliminated as a new character if an investigator was correct as to his identity. It was Wanda Nara and Karina who agreed with Cristina, who had hinted on the runway that she “loves empanadas from Tucumán” (her home province) and that “she’s a fan of a world cup soccer club” (Vélez Sarsfield).

“The suit is beautiful. I decided to participate because I like the magic of theater. It felt like a game to me, but when you’re in here you almost can’t handle yourself You have no idea because you don’t see everything”Pérez explained as he removed his mask. And he concluded as a joke: “Rodolfo (Barili) faints”.


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